Affectionate Cute Pet Nicknames

It all started with this post. Now about 75% of the searches that lead to my site have the word ‘nickname’ in them. Nicknames are very popular around here. And where ever nicknames go, pet names are there holding its hand. Affectionate names, boyfriend nicknames, girlfriend nicknames, and cute nicknames are all gathered around too – like one, big, happy, family. In the spirit of “give ’em what they want”, I have started a list of pet names to give the thousands of you who visit here every month and have no clue what to call your affectionate other some ideas. If you know of one that is missing, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it. OK, here we go…..

Still can’t find a cute nickname for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Try clicking here and then entering your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name on the form to get a cute nickname for them!

Affectionate Cute Pet Names

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Alliebear (Good for all your Allison’s)
Angel Eyes
Angel Face
Angel Heart
Angel of Mine
Apple of My Eye

Baby Angel
Baby Bear
Baby Boo
Baby Boy
Baby Cakes
Baby Doll
Baby Face
Baby Girl
Baby Kins
Baby Love
Bee’s Knees
Better Half
Big Boy
Big Daddy
Blossom Butt
Boo Boo
Bumper Butt
Bun Butt
Butter Babe


Cheeky Chimp
Cheeky Monkey
Cheese Ball
Chunky Bunny
Chunky Monkey
Cookie Monster
Cuddle Bunny
Cuddle Cakes
Cuddle Muffin
Cutesy Pie
Cutie Head
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pootie

Daddy Mack
Darling o’ Mine
Dear Heart
Doll Baby
Doll Face
Doodle Bug
Dream Boat
Dream Girl

Ever Girl
Ever Guy

Flower Child
Fruit Cake
Fruit Loop
Funny Hunny

Gangsta Baby
Georgia Peach
Gum Drop

Handsome Baby Boo
Heart Throb
Honey Bun
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunches of Oats
Honey Bunny
Honey Cakes
Honey Pants
Hot Lips
Hot Mama
Hot Pants
Hot Stuff
Huggy Bear
Hun Bun
Hunny Pot

Indian Princess
Indian Warrior

Jelly Bean

Kissy Face
Kit Kat
Knight In Shining Armor

Ladies Man
Lady Killer
Lady Love
Little Dove
Love Boodle
Love Bug
Love Face
Love Muffin
Lover Boy
Lover Girl
Lover Pie
Lovey Dovey
Luv Puppies

Magic Princess
Main Squeeze
Marshmallow Man
Mister Cutie
Monkey Buns
Monkey Butt
Mookie-Pookie Bear
My All
My Beloved
My Beautiful Beloved
My Boo
My Dear
My Everything
My King
My Love
My One and Only
My Queen
My Special Star
My Sweet BoY
My World

Num Nums

Old Lady
Old Man
Other Half

Peaches ‘n’ Creme
Peachy Pie
Pickle Head
Pickle Pie
Pineapple Chunk
Pinup Girl
Pooh Bear
Pooky Pooky
Pop Tart
Pork Chop
Pretty Girl
Pretty Princess
Prince Charming
Puddin’ Head
Pudding Pop
Punkin’ butt
Pussy Cat


Roo Roo
Rubber Ducky

Schmooooky Pookie Pooo
Sexy Dork
Sexy Mama
Shmoopsie Poo
Shoogie Woogie
Short Cake
Shy Guy
Silly Goose
Sleeping Beauty
Slick Chick
Snicker Doodle
Snuggle Bunny
Snuggley Bear
Snuka Bear
Soda Pop (as sweet as…)
Soul Mate
Stud Monkey
Stud Muffin
Sugah Boogah
Suga’pie Honey Bun
Sugar Britches
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Lips
Sugar Mama
Sugar Muffin
Sugar Pie
Sugar Plum
Sugar Puff
Sugar Puss
Sugar Smacks
Sun Beam
Super Stud
Super Woman
Sweet Cheeks
Sweetiepie Facecake
Sweet Pear Half In Your Own Heavy Syrup
Sweet Potato

Teady Bear
Tiger Toes
Tootsie Wootsy
Twinkle Toes

Uncle Upright


Winky Dink




891 thoughts to “Affectionate Cute Pet Nicknames”

  1. This is a great list. Some very sweet nicknames on there!

    My grandma and mom call/ed me ‘Queenie’ (a hazard of being named after two queens).

    My grandpa and mom call/ed me ‘Blossom Butt’. No idea what that one’s about, but I still think it’s cute. 🙂

  2. OMG! Some of these are so sweet, but I have to say that this list has given me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks! Thanks so much for the site!

  3. Haha awe these are cute! Haha Indian Princess made me laugh…You should add Pumpkin Head! That’s what my friend calls me…I think I’ma call her RooRoo now haha!

  4. Haha these are so adorable. I hav some. My bf calls me stinky winky sometimes. Or we call each other dorky and dummy. Or -poo. For ex. My name is cindy… so it wuld be “cindy-poo”

  5. wow that helped so much lol i was going to make my bf a keychain with my house key on it, and i wanted to spell out something cute but i couldn’t think of anything, but this gave me so many ideas. you rock!

  6. I LOvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the nick name BUNBUNS!!!!!!!!!!! im calling my boyfriend that!!!
    I LOVE YOU BUNBUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bunbuns(Oscar) If your reading this right now i want you to know this and i want the whole world to know!!!!!I know we just started going out bunbuns but te queiro mucho mucho mucho mucho!!!!!!!!! you have been so nice and sweet to me i really dont know how to thank you!!!!! seriously your one of the most important person in my life right now. you make me feel so good about myself when i talk to you i feel loved free confident and i actually have faith!!!!! well i could go on and on but i think saying these things face to face would be better I LOVE YOU BUNBUNS!!!!!!!!!!! mucho!!!!!!!!


  9. Cinnamon stick candy bar

    My ex-boyfriend used it all the time, and my heart would melt. Different,creative and charming. Not your typical poopsie stuff. I like the sweet pear half in your own heavy syrup-very clever and cute.

  10. I thought of eskimo for my girlfriend :] and only because her name is Kimberly though i call her Kimi seeing as how its shorter, but anyways i call her eskimo cuz of kim in the word :] i dont know if she likes it and i dont call her it much because she rather babygirl :]

  11. Tarzan…if ur reading this…know i love you ok? with all my heart sugar lips…i miss u….pj&j 4e

  12. PEACHY PIE… ILY ILY ILY, foreberanaber babe!
    don’t forget… thank you for everything gorgeous 🙂

  13. …Honey Nut Cheerios
    For Krystals, if they aren’t offended, Krystal Meth, or just Meth

  14. this is the best site in the world. i found a really cute name 4 my boyfriend and he found 1 4 me. we havent kissed yet but with these names like big daddy, bambai and angel we are sure 2 kiss soon!! hi conor its me justine here if ur readin this i luv u very much!! u r the best boyfriend any1 can hav. 🙂 cya soon!

  15. You should add Bubbles! my boyfriend calls me that cuz someone said i have a bubble butt. but now i love it when he calls me that. its a way cute name. and i got some awsome ideas for him from this!

  16. this is such a cute site ^_^
    my bf’s name is james and he’s always so fired up. his firey personality usually gets him in trouble or makes the “fire” worse. so the nickname “spark” or “sparky” was perfect for him.

  17. my ex used to call me sweet lips all the time, over the years it morphed into tweety. thinking about it still makes my heart flutter.

  18. well…i have a new bf sadly. so, im back again, trying to find a new nickname. does anyone have a good nickname for a sweet boy that wont embarass him when he’s around his friends cuz he’s just too shy? his name is John. i need some help on this one.
    hmmm…hes also pretty charming…and he calls me princess. maybe i should just go with “prince charming”. or charming…or just prince. nicknames with 2 syllables usually sound better though. -__- im obviously not good at being creative. anything helps ^_^.

  19. I had this extremely complicated almost relationship. It’s weird, let me just tell you a shorter version of it. He’s my best friends, ex-boyfriends, brother. They’re all friends. But we were gonna hook up, but he moved, and almost entirely forgot about me. When the times he left me comments on my blog, he called me darling sweet divine. I thought it was sweet. Schwean, if you ever read this, you really hurt me. But it doesn’t change anything, I still love you. I really want to meet you.

  20. Haha. Okay. So I saw “babushka” and I saw “num-nums”. My friend Kevin is now reffered to as “Babushkanumnums.” He loves it. No clue why. =P

  21. Naww…these are so cute! My best friend Jacinta calls me Teddy bear…wow I’m quite impressed, I love the name “Huggy Bear”! Me and my friend Danika are trying to come up with cute nicknames for eachother…”Huggy Bear”…she’ll love it! 🙂

  22. Honeybear
    I got thousands of ’em

  23. Well when me and my boyfriend are together i like to call him my Sweet Little Lumps of Fun, Toogey Woogey Bear, Herpie Perpie Toodlekums, and his personal favorite….. My Sweet Little Silent Tiger!!!!! Grrr……

  24. why do you steal my names. “twinkle toes” and “num nums”
    TAKE’EM OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I use to call my boyfriend Boo Bear and he loved it…I actually think he told his wife he wanted to be called that—Damn look at what I started 🙂

  26. what about SugarBear?

    my bf told me he wanted to be called that!!!!
    but i said no so now i am gonna give him a new one.
    cause that one is just to funny to even say to his face without laughing my butt off!!!!!

  27. yah sugar booger!!! i call my beloved BF punk, bitch face, pooky bear, MY pet, rubber ducky, romeo, pussy-cat, soldier, sailor, stud, sugar daddy/britches, sweety..the list could go on!

  28. So… I cant think of any nicknames for this guy I really like.. We’ve decided we want nicknames for eachother. So im his”little ribbon girl”.. because from homecoming there was this ribbon on the boutinerre box and when i came home from the dance the ribbon was on the table. I’ve worn it since because it makes me think of him.. so im his little ribbon girl 🙂
    I need help finding a good nick name for him.. one thats not corny like “sugar lips” and all that stupid stuff lol.. help..

  29. uhm, can i ask.. what cute nickname or tawagan ng tamad, for guy.. yung cute, para s tamad.. this nickname is for my kuya daryll.. i think im fallng with him.. haha 🙂 please give me some.. thanks..

  30. Sweet Pear Half In Your Own Heavy Syrup?????????
    that’s sooo dam corny but cute:)

    teddy bear, mister cutie, sexy dork shorty, shy guy, silly goose, snuggle bunny and stud muffin are my absolute favorites 🙂

  31. lmao this is the awsomest list ever wish my boyfriend would let me call him some of these names i’d have a field day with this. But i’ve called him puppy a few times :3

  32. we call each other “spermwhale” and “blowfish”…nothing dirty! gutter-brains!. just the two most unpopular names for sealife we could think of and it just stuck… i love my lil spermwhale!

  33. Bella… or bona nota bella which means goodnight beautiful in italian.. my bf used to say it to me… very sweet

  34. hi i think all the names are messed You should put

    GOOGLY BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  35. you should add lover butt and buttface
    i call my bf’s brother butt face and my best friends boyfriend loverbutt and his best friend is also my buttface.. my boyfriends other brother is my baby love

    i love this site

  36. My boyfriend calles me bella Ballerina…coz iam a dancer and bella means beautiful so: Beautuful ballerina…he also calles me babe,darl,hun and alot of other cute stuff.

    i dnt know what i should call him though?

    any ideas???

  37. Moo-Moo

    Off of 50 first dates

    HAHA my fiancee thought it was so cute so i said it over and over again and he almost died laughing. =]

  38. I recently started seeing someone and he comes out with some really cute pet names, i have never used cute names before but thought i’d look up a few so i could start. My all time fav is angel – my ex fiancee used to call it me and i got a tattoo on my back bcos of it. It’s ace! My current boyfriend calls me sweet cheeks and princess which i think are well cute. This is a great site and have found my new pet name for him – no i’m not telling! Hehe.

  39. yea so i have a boy friend named “fillip” he is russian he is freakin adorable.
    but anyways, i want to have a really cute nickname that is rare, it was really hard for me to think of one. Soo i was wondering if i could have some suggestions on this tiopic.

    thank you for your time

  40. i love this site!! i just started using it. but its helped alot. i named 2 new puppies after this also 4 new rats.. and gave my best friends nicknames from this site!! and my boyfriend also. i change his nickname everytime we text. lol. he just sticks with little bear and youngbutt. since im a freshman and hes a senior and 1 foot and 3 inches taller than me. but i LOVE this site. thankkk you!! 🙂 !!

  41. my fiance calls me pooh bear and i fel gay for saying it but its so effing cute. i love it it just makes me melt every time i hear it lol love you sweet pea

  42. I’m wondering what would be a good name for a guy that you like.
    Maybe they should put a section of: boyfriend nick names.. or something like that because i know many girls will do anything to get the guy they like to like them back.. and i think nicknames is one of them.. also buying tons of magazines and surfing through the pages until they find the Love section.. dont ask how i know all this but in my experience .. a girl does anything .. even if it involves completely changing.. and then they go through depression.. and then they wonder if they are in lov or I THINK THEY SOULD HAVE LOVE NICKNAMES

  43. ahhh well my Turkish darling calls me Zerda (from a love song), Mavis (means blue and I have blue eyes-pronounced Mahvish), Sea Eyes, Askim (my love-pronounced Ashkim), Canim (my darling, pronounced Chanihm), Sevgilim (my love-pronounced Sev-gil-ehm), utie tootie sweet patootie (ok patootie is cute but i admit its a bit long), Cicegim (flower)….Gul (pronounced gool, means rose) or Gulum (gool-um which means my rose)…….I call him “my love” and “gunesim” (means my sun…i have a poem about the sun i tell him how he is the sun and i am but a ray from it, that he is my mighty king, etc…)and he likes me sing “you are my sunshine”…hehe he is so cute when he tries sing it back. he has other names too and he more for me but those are the most used. 🙂 this was a cute page, I bookmarked it in my favorites.

  44. OMG!!!! How Funny i found my bfs nickname! it started off with my 6yr old lil sister, she couldnt say his name right at all and she got fustrated and said “For get it imma just call you cookie”….lol we thought it was the funniest!!!!

    my nick name is chickie my grandparents gave it to me i have no clue why the did but im 22 yrs old and the name never left….lol sometimes i forget what my real name is!!!!

  45. What about “pookie bean” my grilfriend for 3 years calls me that and i still cant find a name for her that can match up to the cuteness of that i call jessy pooh right now but i want a new one any ideas? anyone? make sure it can stand up to pookie bean please, if so email me [email protected]

    1. well my bf calls me tones of cute stuff we sarted off with cutie and stuff like that but i like muffin,sweetie pie, mi corizon (my love) stuff like that theres tones of good stuff on this list and other lists!

  46. my sisters name is rosanna and her bf calls her annasor and she calls her bf ryan rybear or ry bread those are cute too

  47. This site is soo cute! My boyfriend calls me BooBoo , Princess & Lucky.. The story behind Lucky was very touching. Short story he says I’m his lucky girl because I made him change his old ways for the better.

    My ex fiance used to call me Koukla ( doll face in Greek- pronounced Koo-Kla)

    Matakia Mou (my eyes – pronounced as is)

    Psixi Mou ( My soul – pronounced Psi-Hee Moo)

    Zwh Mou (my life – pronounced Zo-ee-Moo)


  48. I have several names I can submit! I’m big on nicknames so I use them with just about everyone! These are a couple I use at work: Ger-bear, Slave Monkey, Rye-bird (This one came about completely by accident. I have a friend named Ryburn so I used to call him Rye Bread. One day I accidentally said bird instead of bread and it stuck.), Grumpelstilskin (think Grumpy + Rumpelstilskin), Grumpelstein (Grumpy + Einstein), and many more! But that’s for another time.

  49. haha. ok. my friends have the greatest nicknames. theres:
    coke, vaccum, tard, bmw, douche, homo, bd, a-hole, foxy pants, shannon, muffin man, jew, won ton, young chinese wonder, ding dong, banana, ginger, and so many more
    they may not be pet names. but their great

  50. Such cute funny nicknames.

    I use to call my cute pet Bunny rabbit LUMPY LUMPS & KOLOLA (which means chubby in dari language)

    lol 🙂

  51. …great stuff!
    …any chance you could sort male/female related in two different categories for us non natives?

    Thanks in advance!


  52. i always used to call my girlfriend, slag face, she loved it …. untill i said it to her face…. she left me

  53. Ahh..
    My boyfriend called my Babygirl..

    I HATED IT!!
    It reminded me of a stripper=)

    But i call him boo bear=)

  54. My BF called me bunny, but my name is hanna so he now calls me Hanbuns/hannybuns or buns for short :o)

  55. omgee hahaha dis is sooo cutee aww i laughed alot nd i got new nick names yey haha
    thanks site : )

  56. I tend to call my fiance “Sasquatch” because he’s a hairy fellow, BUT I LOVE HIM! haha.
    I also call him “Ookie” [[which is my personal favorite]] and “Cookie.”

    A good friend of mine calls me “Applesauce”
    and I call her “Spanky”
    I also call another friend “Moo Moo” or “Mr. Moo Moo.”
    I Call my Dad “Bones” and he calls me “Kidlet”

    Thats about it for now, but the names you guys put up there just totally made my day <3

    Keep up the good work!

  57. I sometimes call my boyfriend Sex Muffin. I think it’s totally hott and he loves the attention.

  58. Tenchi ( Japanese for Angel)

    Pele > fire god

    Israfell > The angel of the stars who plays a guitar over people when they sleep. Creating their wild dreams with his songs.

    King Kong


  59. I used to call my boyfriend Pubay (Poo-bay)… kinda like a Pooh Bear thing? I thought it was cute and original

  60. Hey. The names are pretty good! I liked ducky 🙂 some of them were pretty ridiculous but whatever floats your boat people! My boyfriend calls me BEAUTY! I think its cute maybe someone else will like it. Thanks!

  61. i’ve been called many of these.
    my ex was booger head, boogey, boog, boogerbear, etc…
    i also some times called him, noo noo face, or noo noo head
    and i was either chubs, or his little fubge, or fudge for short.

    but my new boyfriend, is my sunshine
    and he calls me tubby
    it may sound mean but i love it

    but i have nick names for everyone.
    some of my faves are
    -apple bottum
    -benny bby
    -big al
    -little al
    -blakey bear
    -boom boom a loom
    -boozy poo
    -choo choo
    -cuddle queen
    -jer bear
    -jenn&a juice box
    -kandy kayne
    -lou lou
    -love muffin
    -nanner bug
    -nateums / natekins
    -ninja lover
    -nug nug
    -ray ray
    -ry ry
    -sethy boo
    -tater bug
    -teeny cupcak
    -timmy tater

  62. Hey those are nice but i have one for those who may be dating a nick or nicholas. Try Nickypoo and Nickynac. They are super cute I call my baby that all the time!

  63. My boyfriend and I were using this so i can find a nickname for him.
    He loves raccoons, so i made up Coon Baby.

    He calls me Bunny Bear.
    Add that one too 😛

  64. My boyfriend calls me angel face, I love it 🙂
    I call him my sunshine <3
    Others we use are baby, babe, boo, sweetie, sweetheart, darling, dear, hun, honey, and there’s probably a lottt more, haha 😀

  65. ahhh!! i love all of them!

    but now i call my boyfriend.

    hubby bear =) nd he loves it.

    *you guys should add hubby:)

  66. hunky bunkins, i called my boyfriend that & he thought it was the cutest thing. he calls me kittenwhiskers, snugglemuffin, & dollface.

    it’s cute (:

  67. My aunt Bonnie calls me her sweetie sugarpie, lump of sugar, princess and baby,My aunt Trudy calls me  her Sugarpie honey bunch.My Bf calls me his pookie pie , and darlin eyes.

  68. my b/f calls me his little sucker fish ( long story and I am sure it is not what u r thinking)my dad used to call me little lady bug my friend is dateing a nick  so she calls him little nicker booby

  69. your my honeybunch sugarplum pumpy-umpy-umpkin you’re my sweetiepie you’re my cuppycake gumdrop shnugums bugums you’re the apple of my eye and i love you so and i want you to know that i will always be right here and i love to say these all to you because you are so dear.^-^

  70. so my boyfriend calls me pop tart and i call him puffin (like off of the girls next door) you should def add puffin to the list…

  71. My boy friend calls me Woodchuck …. I think it is so cute when he texts my I love you my Woodchuck hehehe

  72. My Grandpas nickname as a kid was Punkin and i loved it. He passed away and i inhereted the nickname since we were so close (even got it tatt’d) I think its the cutest name in the world!My sister is Thithy or Lelie, Choo Choo, Schmeterling (butterfly in german)i get called Suesse (sweetheart in german), BabyGirl, Wifey, Princess, Beautiful, Sexy, Gorgeous, soon-to-be (love that one!), darlin, babay, mama, sugar lips.
    My Prince, Papi, baby, Honey-bun.

  73. my boyfriend calls me poopsicle poopsie, poohter, poo brain. anything with pooh or poop haha and i call him pooh bear. idk we like poop i guess. this site makes me laugh!

  74. My nickname has always been Tuni, or Tune for short (short for Petunia when i was a baby—joke on my stinky diapers). I call my baby girl Prini, short for princess, and my husband Terry, Terr-Bear.

  75. I guess the guy I’m with isn’t like your alls bfs lol.. .We used to call each other Sweet Pea and Sugarplum, then after we broke up and got back together he confessed he hated the names! I just use baby and boo.. and if I’m feeling adventerous boobear.. idk.. some of these names are absolutly crazy, your lucky if your guys like stuff like skittles and hero rofl.

  76. my boyfriend calls me kymbroule. ya know the dessert cremebroule? well he put his own little twist on it with my name and made it kymbroule. i used to call me husband snugglepuff kitty. not really sure where it came from.

  77. I have my guy nicknamed buba in my contacts but he doesnt know this….. mayb i shud tell him he mite like it!!!! i also call him baby, baby face, huny, sweetie, buny. he calls me mrs, babes (baby), sweetie, saucy an deary!!!! hes sooo cute an the way he says thm sumtimes….. its jst yummie!!

  78. i love ALL of these names!:Di think my fav is Yummers.and Sugar Britches.-and more….. lolmy bf will love the new names i call him,…haha.

  79. i think under v… since there aren’t any- you should put valentine.. very sexy boo…really anythingg. lol

  80. I have nicknames for everyone…    Clayto Tato, Buuby, Schmooey, Ookie, Hooka Pants, Pip, Pie, Linny Bean, Nae Nae, Bubble and Squeak, McCrashin…..the list goes on and on and on

  81. Aren’t we supposed to be commenting on the nicknames?? Then why is everyone writing comments like you’re leaving them and going on a trip…. Well anyways do what you want…. It’s not hurting me any…. Just an innocent question asked…. Well I call my fiancee’
    iubirea mea it mean’s my love…. Its simple and and for those who don’t know the language it can be brilliant…. The language is romanian…. good luck with your nicknames…. I think you should ask them what they want or just come up with something using things you know about them like you would do for a dog or cat or fish or ect. Use their personality to get ideas….

  82. my boyfriend is a big guy. huge center for football. and im a bit of a shorty soo he wanted to make nicknames and not too many will fit with a big guy! and i definately did not want to be called shorty!so one day at a football game i said he needed to “pancake” alot more. which is basically tackling in football. so i decided “pancake” instead of calling him something like cupcake! and now he calls me “shortcake”!it fits together and everything!!

  83. all of them r soo coooooolll
    MEAON shud also b there coz itz realy a loving name
    just chek it
    its so cool use for a loving n caring person

  84. i dont know about romantic (i call my wife sweetheart) but i call my youngest son “catapillar” and “pillar” for short… because when he was a baby he stayed curled up in the fetal position… he is 2 and still sleeps curled up, face down in the pillow butt in the air.

  85. heloo evryone……. mmmmmm im in a problem here…… i need a name 4 my
    gf……. u know,, i cant find any that match wit her… its too much dificult..
    mayb bcoz im not creative type person….
    her names FARAH………. will u all plz help me………
    i need some sweet n cute  one for my gurl…

  86. OMG!!! I saw captain and I thought of this joke from Cross-Country… LOL 🙂 You should add Sailor. (part of the same joke) 🙂

  87. Lol! Nice list XD

    My friend used to call her guy Noodle, I thought that was rather cute. Mine calls me Skapie (pronounced something like ‘scoppy’) which means little sheep ^^

  88. I call my boyfriend hubby and he calls me wifey. He luvs his nickname he loves it so much that he gets angry when i dont call him that.

  89. haha such a cute site! LOL

    in serious matters I call my girl First (she’s my first gf ^^) and she calls me Last ^^

    ..I also love to call her baby, coz she’s my baby ^______^

  90. bren, those “first” and “last” nicknames you and your girlfriend made up are probably the most endearing I’ve heard in all of these 200 comments.

  91. ahahhaha!

    mine are super weird;
    pumpkin poop
    DB (short for douche bag)
    penis face
    baby nuts
    pumpkin head
    millimeter ;D
    midget poop

  92. And I agree – “first” and “last?” Where did you come up with those? Those are some of the sweetest ones I’ve ever heard!!!

  93. Pookie Bear, Boo Bear has always surrounded me as well as babycakes, sugarplum
    All time names could be sweetness, sweetthang, SuperWoman, Cutie Pie, and Tenderoni.
    I like what all of you have said. Good names…

  94. 1.) Rose Petal
    2.) Poopsik
    3.) Twinky
    4.) Jewels (for Julia’s, or Julie’s)
    5.) Pea n’ a pod
    6.) Sexy beast
    7.) Mcluv n’

  95. lol these are amaaaazing. my mom n aunt call me peaches…its cute altho i dont know where it came from O_o my brother n sister call me fries…again weird but still cool.

    my guy calls me dummy…dumble…bobble…poopie head lol random, as usual. i call him geek, geekboy, geekface, christina when he screams like a girl, buttmonkey, buttface, and the always beloved butthead 🙂 lol theres much love here hahaha.

  96. love the names. gave me some great ideas!

    i call my daughter “mrs” or “cutie lady”. one son is “pickle” (cuz it sorta rymes whith his name) and the other is “beemer” or “beeber”. don’t remember how i got there. they are all “silly goose”s, and sometimes “monkey face” also.

  97. to add:

    anything with pie: cutie pie, yummy-pie, pickle-pie, sleepy-pie…

    also mooch; little mooch, big mooch. as in mucho “i love u so mooch” (much)

  98. my little chocolat croissant 🙂
    no seriously,

    -pookie wookie
    -Pretty girl
    -my shooting star
    – wuggly bear
    ( all names with melany or mel )
    -melanouille la genouille

  99. snuggle bunny

    pudding pie

    hunky bear

    butter bear

    eggy weggy

    gum drop muffin

    eggy weggy gum drop muffin

    lovey dovey birdy

  100. what about my bitch?
    or my nigguhh?
    alot of these are so effin gay
    its funny
    a little bit of pee DID come out.
    lmao 😀
    i love this site.

  101. My boyfriend hates it when i call him Hun or Sweety or Sweetheart, well its the only 3 names he hates..But what one should i call him, that he wont hate….?

  102. this one really turns me on and it is……..McSexy……………my hot gf calls me this and she also calls me…..tiger…..i love you nikki!!!

  103. haha my friends bf is ryan and she calls him “ya-ya” pronounced (yah-yah) because ryry just didnt sound right, and rybear or stuff sounded weird and kinda corny. so she took the two middle letters and calls him ya-ya. he calls her hun or baby.

  104. My boyfriend calls me ‘Muppet’ …… mainly because i’m real clumsy …… but he thinks it’s cute …. teehee ^^

  105. my little sister used to be itty bitty sweetie beedy boo
    and i was my mom’s cuddlebunny

    i refuse to use these ridiculous pet names. his real name is more powerful than any nickname.

  106. I call my boyfriend:
    mi amor (spanish for my love)
    mi cielo (spanish for my sky or my heaven)

    [email protected]

  108. hey,
    my x had many nick names for me my fav. was baby doll and then there was sugar dumplin muffin baby pumpkin pie! and yeah i know that last one is really long but it cute to say sometimes but the person i’m with now just calls me baby grl=(!!

  109. CUTE SITE!!!! My daddy called me pumkin seat when I was little than Blondie. My husband calls me hun. I’m going to pick a new name though. There are so many cute ones. Thanks for the site….

  110. This site helped me lots. My best friend (who’s a guy) has called me cutie pie for the longest time ever and I always just make something up on the spot. I used to call him muffin head but that was a llllllong time ago. I like love muffin. Hehe. So anyways… Thanks!

  111. My boyfriend of 6 month’s name is Grant, and ever since I met him, i’ve called him Grantis Atlantis & bunbuns. he calls me over 20 different things, but i love when he calls me hun & baby girl & Steffy Weffy Bear (my name is Stephanie) haha love you Grantis (:

  112. I was messin around with nicknames for my boyfriend, he likes it when i call him studmuffin but i also call him McMuffin or Mr. Perfect

  113. here are sum my boi calls me:
    lil mama
    baby girl

    i’ve also heard h=guys call girls:

    i call my boi
    big daddy

  114. My Noah
    You know from the movie The Notebook. Him and Allie
    went thru SOOO much together and they ended up together
    in the end. PERFECT love story

  115. Snoochie Booches or Honey Bunches of O’s
    I e-mail my man a new pet name everyday.. this site has given me a couple of good ones that actually made him laugh.. 🙂

  116. My girlfriend always call me precious, I don’t know what say to her, I can’t get right nick name her, I always say baby, honey. But I don’t feel any word to make her melt heart on me. Her name is Alyssa, she lovee desert, I did call her sweetgirl but she don’t like it. I’m try find word that she will love it. Anyone help me out, ha. I’m not great creative words. She want good word that love.

  117. why dont u call alyssa..angel?..

    isit a huge issue that i want to call my current bf some of the old names that i used for my ex..but only cos there well sweet like, cake, muffin, fluemm..?!

  118. I like penguin and also pingu cause penguins are just cute. I also like tese cause of the pon and zi cartoons.

    Zi: “did you know that when a penguin finds its mate, they stay together for the
    rest of their lives…?
    Pon: “…be my penguin…?

  119. My girlfriend likes to call me her “Little bottle of orange cough syrup” I think its adorable It my favorite 😀

  120. My boyfriend calls me mfazi gamina (pronounced mmfaazee gameena), or mfazi for short. It’s a zulu word for “my wife/my girl”. He also sometimes calls me princess mfazi. I like to call him my nunu-bug, my angel.. or madota gamina (pronounced madohta gameena), it’s zulu for “my man”. I think it’s really cute… cuz i haven’t seen anyone use that..

  121. i sometimes use “snuggle muffin” but right now my boyfriend calls me “caboo” (first two letters of my first name plus “boo”) and i call him “sugar bear” cause he likes gummy bears.

  122. im number 300! woooo
    well my boyfriend calls me cupcake and i loooove it cause i LOVE cupcakes :]

    but im not the type of girl to give guys nicknames.
    it kinda makes me barf hahaha

  123. absolutely adorable! i want to say every one to my boyfriend!
    i luv calling him baybay tho and sometimes he calls me bay.
    a bf i used to call pop tart (lol) called me hotpocket. a gud one for those sweet guys is man candy lol

  124. HAHAHAHA! some of these names are so freaking funny! my boyfriend calls me pookie bear 🙂 i like love muffin! 🙂 teehee. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

  125. lmfao! me and my boyfrn were having a pretty dull convo on the phone so i looked at al these names and this pretty much saved the conversation!

    now i call him cinnamon stickk!
    lmfao! i love you babby<3 always and forever<3

  126. haha these are so cute! try munchkinie. or mashugana. <333.

    i was reading these to my boyfrannn and he was like haha these are hilarioussssss!, babyycakes. and he called me all the names on the list. pretty funny.
    loveyou babyy! <33 together forever, and never apart.
    brad, my lovee. xoxooo 12.22.08♥

  127. My sister calls her baby love dove. I call mine my boo-boose and my boose/booze. I’ve heard muffin topper. And don’t forget about sweet pea. 🙂 Love the blog! This is such a great, sweet, and cute idea! Keep it up!


  128. There are some pretty funny ones on here! My boyfriend and i call eachother shnukems! Love u babe!

  129. Haha:) I always call my best frann these names and then he just does it right back and it just makes me laugh:) I just needed som new ideas:) but he’s a red head so I have this long listtt, I thought I’d share:)
    Hot tamale
    Buggaboo babe
    Dahdah face
    ‘Nana head
    Angel cake
    Gummeh bear
    Fire crotch (hahahaha)
    I think they’re cute:)

  130. i have a friend but we are more like lovers and she calls me teddy bear and i call her my cutie. she tells me i am huggable like a teddy n she’s so cute i call her cutie

  131. I think these are all cute! (:
    and my boyfriend calls me his lil girl, or his princess.
    I think hes so sweet (:
    I love you baby, 2-28-08♥

  132. i call my bf darlin’ its common but i like it. he calls me sweet thang, and babe, nd baby nd most recently his little cook. they’re silly nicknames but they’re cute

  133. My boyfriend and I call eachother things like Honems, Honzors, and Snuffleupagus. We’re always making up silly things to call eachother. 🙂

  134. omg!!! these r kinda silly but it will be perfect!!! me and my bf have pet name wars so i think i’m gonna win this time!!! lolz! i love you babee!

    ily Kane<3

  135. my boyfrend wellnow ex used to call me the traditional babe. but now the guy i like calls me by my full name which is really cool i think.

    1. wow… I’m a 15 year old redheaded girl and the entire football team at school calls me that!!
      I think it’s just plain rude and offensive… people who think it’s funny to call people that should go fuck themselves because it is in no way shape or form nice to make fun of people in that kind of way!! Maybe one day you will grow up and realize that!!
      Or maybe you won’t… usually assholes like you never grow up!!
      I’m just lucky that I have my 6’4 boyfriend on the football team who beats the crap out of guys who make obscene and derogatory comments about me!
      Personally I think that people who would take the time out of their day to make fun of me must have really low self-esteem and must be very jealous of me!!
      But whatever, you’re just an asshole… no need to waste my time on you!! I’m so fed up with this shit, it’s so 8th grade!

        1. harsh a bit?
          someone needs a happy meal..
          my friends use that expression all tha time and we never mean anything bad by it is a great nickname though..

  136. i used to call my bf muffin because thts my favorite breakfast lunch and dinner lol i love banana muffins so i was eating one one day and i was likeee shit i shld call brandon muffin i love muffin lots just like him and there super sweet and amazing like him!!!! so yerp but i stopped bcuz his gf called him cuppy cake and it was a cute name but it was close to muffin u no cupcake muffin so i stopped he told me he loved it wen i called him it but i stopped cuz it didnt feel right calling him tht

  137. what are good ones for like a couple? like two different names that are kinda close to eachother?

  138. Oh dear god you people have to be kidding me, I am absolutly sure I would barf if my boyfriend ever called me half the things your “soul mates” with diarrea of the mouth syndrome call you >.<

  139. me and my gf just use babe. sometimes she’ll use a ny accent (cause i’m from ny) and call me dollface. but yeah i can be cheesy and i even think these are horrible

  140. omg this website is awesome….. if anyone is wondering, yeah i won the pet name fight. it went on for three days straight but it was sooo worth it.yes i’m the same sarahbear from above. my bf i still trying to find out where i got all of those pet names. i currently call him my knight in shining armor. he soooo shivlrous!!!! he even opens the door for me. he’s such a romantic guy. pet names are sooo fun!i guess our relationship has a firm foundation because we were best friends b4 we started going out! which just makes us closer! you know my friend tries to get her bf into pet names but it really doesn’t work for her and she hates it!!! lolz! if anyone needs tips or advice, my email address is

  141. lol all ot these are to kwet i love my boyfriend and i kall him =>Stiinky Butt Butt<= love you babye A.L.W & L.A.F {3/23/09}

  142. Awe! Most of these are cute. My boyfriend calls me baby, my girl, and my favorite is my little princess.

  143. you forgot sailor. (like hey sailor) sometimes ill say that to my boyfriend. he likes it bc its not too mushy and it makes him feel manly rather than embarassed. and both of our names (ryan and hayley) combine together to make ryley which is also cute bc i can call him ryley boy.

    H.O. and R.C. <333333

  144. These are cute. I call my boyfriend bumblebee, baby, or Romeo. He calls me babygirl [ which is my favorite(: ] juliet, babyboo, sunshine, & he called me pumpkin earlier which made me laugh. I don’t think you can have a sweet relationship without cute nicknames. But I like it better when they come from an actual sweet incident that you look back fondly on(:

  145. You forgot LIL CHERRY PANCAKE WITH A HINT OF CREAM.AND how could you forget MY LITTLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE?????????????? And oh yeah you also forgot YOU LITTLE MARSHMALLOW DIPPED IN TOFFE.Not to mention MY LITTTLE CREAM CRACKER. What kind of cute name is wormy or bumper butt???? anyone eles agree????????

  146. my boyfriend calls me emokitty which i tottally dont get how he came up with that but to me it sounds adorable when he calls me it.

  147. My BF calls me heaven or cupcake unless he’s feeling naughty, then it’s cinnabuns…I call him ‘makana’ (pronounced muh-kahn-ah – it’s hawaiian for gift) or sweetums; when i text i call him SSM (because he’s my Syrupy Stack of Mancakes)

  148. my favorite from my ex was baby squirrel and i would call him baby bird. my new boyfriend wont call me any cute names because its embarrassing. hmmm, makes me miss the other one.

  149. I love this site! it is soooooo cute!
    i call my boyfriend:
    Wookie-pookie bear
    my man
    Mr. Mine
    ect. ect. ^^

  150. my bf calls me his princessssssss 🙂
    or lizzie pooh 🙂
    i call him gummy bearrr 🙂
    these are all amazinggg ideas 🙂

    3.7.08<3 always and foreverrrrr.

  151. I just stumbled across your site and wanted too Thank You for the trip down memory lane…
    As I read through the list of names and the comments it awakened many fond memories from the past, as well as remembrance of friends and family throughout the the years…

    Thanks Again,
    fuzzy wuzzy

  152. haha
    these are all so cute!
    my baby calls me Sweetums and i call him my Ishy <3
    4.17.09 Forever & Always

  153. ha. some of these are…strange. others are really cute! personally, my favorite two are Canoodle and Wookums

    and she’s calling me winky dink
    bringa a tear to my eye rele

  155. All these are great!!! Anyone have any ideas for a bf that is not too mushy that exemplifies a muscular, sweet, romantic, black man!!!

  156. These are cute. I bet my bf gets my nicknames from here. he calls me baby and babe (duh,) princess, pookie, and babyboo are my favorite. I feel kinda dumb calling a man cute nicknames so i just call him baby or babe most of the time.

  157. need sweetpea, light of my life, huggable, honeybunny, and the combo names like sugadarlin and sugahoney 🙂 This is fun 🙂

  158. i need a pet name for my 16 year old girlfriend named Carlene. She’s short and has some spunk to her. Any sugestions?

    1. My bf calls me short stuff or my little princess! Anything that pretty much has short in front of it cause i’m really short she’ll like it

  159. To the girl Lexi, about 9 posts above. Spidermonkey doesn’t have a long story I’m sure seeing as it’s from Twilight.

    1. It’s from talladega nights. the little boy says “imma come at you like a spider monkey” and Twilight is awesome so either way it’s a good nickname. Dont hate on someone’s happiness..

  160. me and my ex we had nick namesz for eachother he made up ‘ pillow muffin’ for me and he told me to think of one for him.. it took me a while too think of hisz lol . Anywaysz my nic name for him was ‘ squishy pop ‘ 🙂

  161. you people are strange… i like some of the names those. i use mr.yummy when we’re in puplic and my boyfriend HATES it 🙂 but i think he secretly loves it

  162. Haha, some of these are just weird but my ex used to call me her BIG CUDDLY BEAR and i called her my ICKLE DAFT ‘NANA… as in banana, not grandma, that’d just be tooooooo weird, tho maybe thats why shes my ex lol

  163. I call my boyfriend PUFFIN! 🙂
    It was a name me and my friends decided to call our boyfriends!! :)) I think it’s so adorable and it just makes me want to hug him!!

  164. i call my baby bubbless 😀 shes the best ever and the names cute like her 😀

    i love her 😀 even if i am only 16 😀

  165. I call my boyfriend bunneh (like bunny, but cuter) because he looks like a bunneh when he eats. He calls me kitteh (kitten) ’cause he says my mouth looks kitteh-ish when I pout. And of course, there is the classic babe and baby. Because my brother-in-law is also named Michael, my family call my Michael, Romeo.

  166. You cant forget the fun ones like Mac Daddy, Hot Shot, Pimp Daddy, Superstar, and even Love Bot

  167. Awww. I was looking threw this list and me and my boyfriend, Tanner, found names! His nick-name is Tiger, and mine is Kitty! AND….Were only 11 years old!
    Monday, June 21, 2009
    I wuv you Tanner, I mean, Tiger!

  168. I call my boyfriend booboo, love, my boy and honeyboo he calls me boogerbear and baby and el amor de mi vida (the love of my life). It’s pretty cute, and they are kind of inside jokes. I love you baby 9.12.05

  169. The boy I like calls me little lady or bug, I don’t know why I like it. I guess it has more to do with who says it than what they say lol

  170. my name is abby and im madly in love with my boifreind jake i kno were only thirteen but i kno its real. whenevr we talk i just call him babe or fishey…long story. he calls me mrs. sexxxyness and iluv it. i wish he called me emokitten i love that one. does anyone hav any advice on young love? plz an thanku

  171. Omg my bf beat me to calling each other nicknames lol he calls me cutie or hot stuff and alot of other stuff too i really like cookie i call him Hottie Muffin and Mi corizon hehe

    ILYSM Muffin!!

  172. my boyfriend calls me sprat lol i love it cause its funny and unique………. i call him stretch and sometimes hubby and he tinks hubby is so funny he has a great laugh everytime i call him that.

  173. Me and my boyfriend are so in love. I love when he calls me bumperbutt (: and I call him cheeseball. Or my little cabage (: thanks ! I love himm.

  174. LOL as I was reading this, my BF text me that he adored me…lol….perfect timing. So, i shot back…..”Right back atcha ‘Daddy Mack’.” It’s been an hour with no response…..lmao!!! I stumped him that’s great. I usually call him sugar muffin, baby boy, babe, pumpkin spice,lima bean, but I think the daddy mack got him…lmao its great.

  175. These have got to be the most ridiculous names I have ever seen! Come on people dont you have better things to do with your time then to look up some retarted ass pet name you can call your “significant other”? Come on get a life….the only reason i even made it to this stupid website was because I ran a search on the word affectionate….who the hell comes up with this crap anyways? If I were you people i would spend less time looking up pet names, and more time drinking heavily and masterbating….Lose the one you’re with and take matters into your own hands. The world is so much easier that way

    1. sounds like you have a busy day of masterbating and looking at porn. Your right why are people wasting there time finding cute names for the special person in their life when they could live a lonely boring life like you? the world will never know I guess.

  176. pretty much and food name is cute.
    cheeze it
    gummy bear
    pasta bear
    candy cane
    my boyfriend gets to hear em allll the time haha.

    1. macaroni? xD Pasta bear 😛 I love it xD I use food names with my best friends, not with my boyfriend xD 😛 ahahahaha macaroni xD

  177. aww. i call my gf

    pookie bear
    angel bear
    cubby bear
    cuppy bear
    wubber duckie
    honey muffin
    sugar cube
    sweet pea
    fluff muffin
    rose bud
    sweet lips
    honey dumpling
    puddin lips
    butterball (lol)
    & many more..

    yeah we love to talk baby talk lol 🙂

  178. my bae has been everything lol


    stankka but << had to stop that one after i had my daughter cause thats her name lol
    mooki mi amor
    daddy << her fav
    my lil rainbow lol
    sniker butt

  179. Blankie or Bankie is what I call my boyfriend since he’s like my comfort blanket and he’s always really warm. I also call him my portable space heater lol.

    He doesn’t have one thing he calls me, I get like everything under the sun, but I love him to death. I’m princess, love, baby, sweetie, honey, giggles, and many more.

      1. omg maybe you are each other’s bf/gf and u happened to coincedentally post on the same site ^_^ that’d be neat… also, i might use that so thx lol 🙂

  180. lol. i like calling my sugar britches love face. LOL

    TwO TRUE!!!! omg.

    i al so lke



  181. I love love LOVE this list!
    One of my ex-BFs called me his lil boo bear (cuz my parents have always called me Boo Bear lol)
    My current BF calls me babe or love or Kess for short ^^
    I really like nicknames! They’re just so cute and sweet. Some people don’t think they’re romantic, but I do for sure! Especially if it’s an original nickname!

  182. I call my boyfriend
    I like BumbleB though cuz his name is Bobby<3

  183. My boyfriends name is Thaddeus and I looked up the meaning of it on one of those name meaning websites and the meaning is ‘heart’, so that’s what I call him. It seems like more of a personal and intamite nickname to me and he loves it.

  184. i call my boyfriend hunk, boo boo, big boy (he likes that one ha), romeo, tarzan and baby. i love nick names and he says it makes him feel important that i take time to give him nicknames. people that say nicknames aren’t cute, are lame.

  185. my boyfriend is always calling me and txtin my nickname as babby (but said baby haahaa). I usually say something french like: mon petit chou; which means my little cabage. hes from Philly so sometimes i call him The Cute Philly Boy and i call him Baby Bear bcuz when we were in elementary school (we were even going out then) he was forced to play Baby Bear in a play, and if I wanna toss things up instead of Little Bear or Baby Bear I’ll translate it to Itallian and say: Piccolo Carro. He really loves me but strangely only had one nickname 4 me so maybe i’ll get him to try somethin else. email me at [email protected] for suggestions on what you think he should call me.

  186. My boyfriend is a dj, his persona is mistah giggles, and rightfully so. He’s a giggle bot when you get him started. So when I’m being rather hyper and won’t stop laughing, he calls me Miss Giggles <3

    On a regular basis though, he calls me baby, babeh, hon, hunny, love.

    I call him:
    my beloved (his name is david, and the meaning is beloved)
    panda (usually in the form of, "my sleepy panda" or something like that)

    And now I totally picked up a few more for him.. wooot ^.^

  187. ma boyfriend calls me with many names lyk….sunshine,choclate,hotchocalate
    i wld suggest a few names lyk

  188. ah I love this list!.. My boyfriend always calls me honey bunch, nd sometimes few more (like hun, boobies lol, sweetie.etc.).. I call him just babes or handsome ;)..

  189. More for N… Nummy, Numkins, Nummy Numkins…etc. and for the people with boyfriends named Charlie, CharlieMunster!!! 🙂 instead of cookie monster. 😉

  190. lol here are some nicknames.. theyre so stupid i just cant help but calling my dog that lol. shes so fat and cute :33

    hunny bunny
    little big ears [shes a basset hound lol- OXYMORON]

    and rly thats all lol ;3

  191. i get called old lady ALL the TIME. ooh yeah it turns me on like butter on bread. like in the grocery store when we’re in the check out line my boyfriend yells to me HEY OLD LADY! GET SOME OF THOSE REFRIED BEANS! and i just know later on that night we’re gonna be gettin it on 😉 if you know what i mean…

    num nums out…xoxo

  192. I need one that isnt for a baby!…that isnt embarassing that a guy wont mind hearing in front of his guy friends he calls me babe! what should i call him?

    1. you should call him hunk or my man because then that will show hs ffriends that you guys love eachother and he doesnt want any of them to flirrt with you or there girls to flirt with him…….

  193. My boyfriend calls me bubbles, mousey or kitty/ sex kitty etc.
    As well as the standard babe, sweetheart baby so on and so fourth.
    I call him moosey or bambii babeus and all that crap. LOL I think these are great for people to have fun with heir partners. They are good for saving conversations

  194. I called my boyfriend boo and it turned into booboobear and he absolutely loves it 🙂 and he calls me angel and I absolutely adore it because hes the one calling me that<3

  195. I call my bestie, Brittany, Bennie Boo!
    And she calls me Tootsie Roll (in a baby voice.)
    She calls me that because, well my name is Kortney (Courtney) and when her brother was smaller he coud not say my name and he called me tootney and so she made it a nickname!
    And some of my other nicknames are; Snubby (My Name means snub-nosed and so my mother calls me snubby!), Ju Ju Bee, lush lips, etc…

  196. My boyfriend calls me everything he called me a giggly princess yesterday i just call him a dork cause he’s just straight out silly sometimes:P

  197. Well I call my bofriend cuddlebug or ganksta baby he calls me his bytch or he says to his friends that’s my girl so he calls me his girl alot my name is Angie but he calls me angel sometimes he always tells me how he loves me he is just so hott nd adorable nd funny GOD HOW I LOVE U TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Haha my boyfriend calls me pooh bear 🙂 I call him elmo cause he always is singin lalala lalala elmos world 🙂

  199. I call my boyfriend ….

    Boo, boo bear, punkin, snicker doodles, yummy bear :P, sweetness, babykins, hun, bunkin, boo boo, Snuggle bug, Bebe, Amor (he’s mexican), babycakes

    He calls me…

    (all the boo’s I mentioned LOL) bebe, hunny bunny, babylicious, beautiful, amorcito, sweetness, Kitty and LOTS more!!

    Our main nicknames for each other are Kitty & boo
    or Kitty & Tiger 🙂



    1. I call my boyfriend Boo.
      He calls me baby and babygurl.

      I want him to call me more nicknames that are adorable.
      How would I get him to do that?

      I want to call him baby, but I dont know what He”ll Think if I do.. Its been 3 months and 9 days. I still haven’t called him that… Uhh.. yeah.

    1. lol i can imagine someone at a store going “sweet pear half in your own heavy syrup, can you come over here please?” lol

  200. i call my boyfriend woffie as in Woffie Cookies
    “wuff-e cookie”


    1. An imaginary food that creates altered states, including odd behavior, stupidity, strong sexual desires, extreme happiness, brilliant insight and any other unexplained experience of consciousness and/or unconsciousness.

  201. My boyfriend calls me Panda kuz my name is Amanda and it rhymes and i really like it but only coming from him. I mad dog everyone else that calls me it. Lol. And my best friends boyfriend, we call him Pookie Bear and we call her Boo Boo love. Or skank. 🙂 But i love her.

  202. I call my boyfriend Poodle. He was born in the year of the dog, according to the Zodiac.
    Put Poodle in the P section!!

  203. My boyfriend usually calls me his babygirl, boo, and beautiful/ beautiful baby girl but I mostly call him my Pumpkin Pie because his pumpkin color red hair <3

  204. i just call my gf nicole bc thts her name haha and once and i while ill call her luv but only when i feel like it

  205. me and my babe are hispANIC. in cuba ‘puchi’ is used alot=) its rly cute and i love it when he calls me that. it puts me into a better mood=)

  206. no bf for me XD but my friends call meh:
    Poodle *cuz I have curly hair and am a total animal luver*
    Nat *my names natalie*
    Saladbar *spin on my last name, I hate this one XD*
    Nat Lea *my teacher would call me that and say it in a British accent XD*
    Pumpkin Pie *has no idea why*

  207. Awwh,! My friend calls me Muffinbutt,…
    My bf calls me Stinkmess, Shortcake, Mama or Honeydip.
    And I call him Mi Amor, Hot Chocolate (bcus he’s darskinned) =)

  208. my ”boyfriend” and i sit on the bus together all the time. he keeps on tickling me, and i lay my head on his shoulder…(the bus driver don’t care) and he’ll play with my long hair. he’ll go, ”it’s soft like a kitty’s hair” so i go, ”my nicknames kitty????” and that’s how i got that name. i love it! ♥♥♥♥♥

  209. i like…
    sleepy panda
    x && o
    snugglybutt 😉
    snickers (for a guy named nick)
    ray jay the sex machine…. jK
    snuggle bunnie
    sweet pea

  210. This list is amazing. I got some great ideas for nicknames. I call my boyfriend:
    My precious Angel
    My precious Jewel
    Honey, Darling, Dearest, etc.
    My Muse. <3

    He calls me:
    My Sweet Seraphim
    and a lot of other stuff. <333

  211. okay so I call my boyfriend my Charlie bear<3 and sometimes he calls me his Charlie bear but he mostly calls me his:
    snooki bear (and that was before jersey shore)
    puddin pop
    his rainbow
    or his wifeyy(:

    and he's my superman and I love him forever and always babe<3

  212. ha wowzers, me and my ex call eachother snookums, and munchkin, he is snookums, and since im tiny he calls me his little munchkin, and we never looked up ncknames, they just came to us. lol oh wow.

  213. Me and my boyfriend will be cuddling or kissing and he’ll start saying “mine mine mine mine” off finding nemo 🙂 it’s adorable and makes me laugh. but he has a whole variety of names he calls me like: beautiful, gorgeous, princess, sweetie, sweetheart, cutie, things of that nature ha i need an original one for him though. my ex used to call me dork because i’m really smart and always being goofy or whenever correct him 😀

  214. I call my boyfriend Pepe bc one night i was so upset my stomache started hurting bc of it. He called me and while i was talking to him my stomache settled so I told him he was my pepto. I didnt like pepto so i changed it to pepe and it has stuck ever since. He jokes and says he’s the generic pepto. lol 🙂

  215. omg i love food names and the ones i think are funny are the old man and old ladies, egghead, big, and chunky monkey. haha lolzzz sooooo… funny!!

  216. My boyfriend calls me butter and also cheezz. I called him pancake so he said “ok, butter”. And then i called him taco (cuz tacos are awesome, epic, beast, and coolness and hes all of those things) so he said “what, are you the cheezz on top?”. Its so adorable when i call him a food name and he calls me the topping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. these are really cute adorable nicknames i really really really really luv that one nickname cuddle bunny i love that nickname soooo much i just love all these nicknmaes there so awesome and awesomy at the same time.

  218. My boyfriend calls me, Babe, Baby, Babycakes,Baby doll, Babeh, Lovely, Love, My Love, Lubber, Princess, My queen, Heeshian Princess, My lil asian, and so many more..
    I usually call him, Babe, Baby, Lovely, Love, Lubber, HoneyBee, Honeybunch, and Lover.

    🙂 ♥♥♥ i love himm.

  219. i really liked babushka but then i looked it up and it means grandma in Russian. not so sure if i like it anymore

  220. I go by Aud alot since my name is Audrey – Aunt Aud is much easier than Aunt Audrey. My man calls me “Audsome” love it…

    1. lol i have the same name and ppl call me audmonster i hate that one but mi babe tony he calls me cakez,bunny,sweetz,bunz,and now babe and my friends all me kitten,kitty, or ketty cot for that lil britus feel to it

      1. heyy my name iz aubrie its close to your names… my bf calls me bunnie, brietard, brilicious, but mostly he calles me, mah brich! hehe

      1. If she was dumb and smelled like shit then it would be a horrible name, but otherwise pet names can either be what you are (cutie pie) or the opposite (lunkhead), and be very affectionate.

        When I was a kid, my older sister called me Dorkus Mallorcus or Goober. For some reason, I thought those were really funny.

  221. I call my boyfriend “tiger” and he loves it 🙂 He calls me sugar, sugar lips, beautiful, and my favorite “baby girl. “

  222. My boyfriend loves when i call him boo bear <3
    1 month & 11 days and were still goin as strong as when we began and better in tons of ways (:

  223. after reading this, i have found the perfect pet name for muh boyyyy.
    Sweet Pear Half In Your Own Heavy Syrup.
    ahhh doesnt it just sound so affectionate and adorable?!

  224. My baby calls me stud muffin & I call him stud pancake.
    I love when he calls me Angel, Or Princess, Or My favorite .. Sweetcheeks(:

    1. my boyfriend calls me those names too!!=) but my favorite is Angel <3
      I also call him sillywilly, Willis, babe, hun, he likes to think alot so I called him winnie the pooh bear ;)p

  225. my bf calls me hun, baby, babe, babycakes, hun, dear, elleboo, my love, my lovely love, sugarbabe, alot of things. hes so adorable!! i call him honeycakes, my love, babe, and sweetie. i love him soo much!!
    6 mo. together and counting!! <3

  226. My boyfriend calls me little tomato, baby, babe, little devil spawn, and stupid bitch. We have a great relationship.

    3.5 yrs and counting!!
    <3 <3 <3

  227. meh babah calls me sugahoney ice tea(:
    he says “you bess be gettin out of my buisness mmk” and then i say “ohh big daddy you are so yummah”
    i love youu tyrone <3

  228. Myy Babyy Kalls Mehh Babyy , Babee , Bayy , Teddyy Bearr , Ma , Lil Mama , Moeyy Bear , Shortiee , Lovee , All Thtt Good Stuff . (: I Fr’cknn Lovee His Stinkinn Gutts . I Kall Himm Babyy , Babee , Boo , Bayy , Chocolatee , Hunn , Sweetiee , Chocolatee Strawberryy , Lovee , Andd Pookyy Bearr .
    Toqether For Three Years Andd Countinqq . <3

  229. i call my boy supermegafoxyawesomehot <3 i got it from "a very potter musical" which is a musical parody of the harry potter movies. in the scene its from harry tells ginny that he's writing a love song for cho chang to ask her to the yule ball christmas dance, and she says "oh, yeah shes beautiful all right" and he goes "beautiful?? are you nuts?!? more like supermegafoxyawesomehot!!!" and goes off listing reasons why she is infinitely more attractive than any other girl will ever be to him. so my boyfriend and i basically are harry potter FANATICS, and so all our inside jokes and nicknames for each other revolve around harry potter. he calls me "Lumos" because its the spell to create a ball of light and he says im like the light of his life….awwwwwwww how cute and ridiculously mushyyyy! i love it.

    1. I call my bf supermegafoxyawesomehot too! 😀
      the thing is though, he hasn’t seen a very potter musical, yet loves harry potter, so I’ve been trying to get him to watch it. lol

  230. you forgot my girl ! i love it when my boyfriends goes all pretective and is like ” Dont you ever hurt my girl again ” .
    4 years and 8 months in counting

    1. My boyfriend calls me sexy pants, babe, babez, babay, monster, and sexyasaurous rex. He’s my sexy monkey, babe, babez, rawralicious rex, and sexy man. I can’t say I live him yet but I do care a shit ton for him he’s irresistible

  231. my bf calls me his ohime sama, baby, honeycakes, honey pie, honey bunches, baby cakes, sugar pie, honey buns, his everything, shmexy outerspace alien, QT, his little cheerleader, I call him, babe, baby, bebe, honey, ouji sama, QT, perverted outerspace alien, my favorite football player.
    We’ve been together since Oct. 24, 2010

  232. My friends call me Tigger or Tigs.
    My best friend Fizzy calls me Tizzy.
    I think that if ur nickname is like ur friends it’s really cool and people can tell u r best friends straight away!
    Like Pop and Pip is a good one, Or Milly and Lilly!!!
    Have fun!

  233. I call my boyfriends Tigger and Baboo. 🙂 He doesn’t like Tigger but I think it’s cute. And he calls me Babe or babes. And he always tells me I’m beautiful. I love him. 🙂

  234. my boyfriend calls me babycakes, my wifey, hot stuff, sexy beast, sweet pea, honey, but his favorite one is honey boo 🙂 i call him punk, and honey bee 🙂 9 months and 17 days 🙂

  235. i call my boyfriend, Boo Boo, Baby Boo, sweetie, hunny, my love, baby, babe, baby bear. He calls me baby, sweetie, hunny, babe, my love.. he isnt very creative with them but he LOVES when i call him those or if i call him something new <3 <3

  236. my bf calls me
    and i call him
    Poo or Poo Bear
    Baybuh baybuh!
    i fkn love his pankake butt! <3

  237. My boyfriend calls me hot stuff. Pretty girl. Sweet pea. Love. Sweetie. Sweetheart. Cutie. And I call him love. Hot stuff. Cutie. Lovebug. Cutie patooti. And sugar

  238. I call my man (who’s name is ty) tiger. 😛 I also call him baby and babe. But he has red hair and tiger even fits his personality. I love him to death. And we are at 3 months 🙂

  239. My boyfriend calls me poundcake nd lemoncake., Prettymuch anythinq yellow lol
    But idk, some of these nicknames wouldn’t work for him. They don’t relate. Help 🙁

  240. 3 years and 11 months today… and only 18 years old(he’s 17, will be 18 in Feb.)
    He calls me: Love, Lovely, Booka, Hot Stuff, Beautiful, Cuteness, Goddess, Babe, Baby, Babes, Sweet cheeks, Honey and Muffin…
    I call him: Love, Baby, Babe, Babes, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Honey, Hun, Sexy beast, Sexy, My Love and Guppy( Guppster and Grumpy Guppy) and My everything/forever…
    I Love Him with EVERYTHING in my Heart plus so much more!!! <3
    Nick & Kaitlin … KQB + NJS

  241. i call my boyfriendd,
    apple pie
    apple crumble
    peanut butter
    amor (:

    a yearr&3monthss<3(:

  242. These are adorable! I call my man
    Babe, baby, sweetheart, my sweetie, sugar daddy, big papa, and Scottybaby. (his name is Scott)
    And he calls me sweets, sweetie sweets, Lil mama, baby, precious, and his little lemon berry because I used to blush sooooo bad around him and I’d look like a strawberry.. And lemon because I’m mentally blonde sometimes.. Haha. 🙂

  243. I call him Kangaroo or snow Kangaroo cuz i luv kangaroos and snow leapords.
    He calls me Babe, baby, baby girl, or sweets

  244. 🙂 i call my boyfriend pooki, pookibear, sexy, babe, baby, cuddle bear, snuggle bear, sweetheart, handsome, buggaboo, and my lil cowboy; and he calls me baby, snukums, cowgirl, cupcake, beautiful, snuggle bunny, and the bane of his existance (hahaha)

  245. I use to call my girl friend as kuttyma, kiddo, cutie,dear, honey, sweetie, my princess. But she likes every pet names for her. . So i like to call her as kuttyma. .

  246. I really can not believe that you have actually taken time to catalogue them. Are you going to write a book or something. I actually like to give human names to my pets like Lucy, Jonny

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this isn’t a website for pet names as in animals….it’s for pet nicknames you would call your boyfriend/girlfriend hahahahahaahahaahahahahaa

  247. for some reason, my boyfriend calls me things that relate to his favorite food…like luckycharm, hersheypie, spaghettibrain (when he thinks im stupid)..but when hes really affectionate he calls me “my light” “love” and “my fallen star”….i call him “mocha-chino” (cross between mocha lattes and cappachinos which are my favorite drinks in the entire world) “big poppa” when he thinks hes in control and “bookaboo” that boy to death

  248. These Are So Cute . I Love Nicknames . My Bestfriend && I Had Matching Nicknames ; Cici && Tici <3
    But My Bf Calls Me Tici , Babe , Boo , Baby && Refers To Me As The Princess && An Angel ♥ Lol My Favorite . I Call Him Geemy Baby ( A Knock Off Of His Actual Name 'Mergim' ) && Baby , Babe , Booger Butt , Sleepy Head , && Babes . But I Mostly Call Him MY Geemy Baby Lol . But I Love The Nicknames I Gave My Ex . I Called Him Pumpkin Cause His Bday Is On Halloween . && I Called Him Bubz , && Got His Whole Family Into Calling Him That Lol .

  249. My boyfriend and I call each other Cuddle Monster!!!!!! its when were being affectionate. but when im upset he asks me, “do I need to demote you to cuddle bug??” haha im always like nooooo! im the cuddle monster and your the cuddle bug! by the time we get through this silly convo im all cheered up 🙂

  250. well i get called alot and r names r pretty much the same….

    bambino which is baby boy in espanol
    bambina which is baby girl in espanol
    crack a monkey
    mean sa
    titty baby
    and chichi bambino which is spanish for titty baby…

  251. I call him dannybear when we’re alone cuz he doesnt like it. He calls me gorgeous, beautiful, angel, baby and stuff. 2 years and one month 🙂 He just turned 19 and I’m turning 17 in a couple months. The first time he called me baby I couldnt stop blushing! I loved it so much! Lol it feels weird when he calls me by my name, I’m just so used to him calling me by a petname

  252. You know my man calls me marshmallow (:
    Only bc we freaking laughed so hard bc marshmallow man was in this list

  253. me and my girl has been dating for 9 almost 10 years on september 1, 2011 and I’m only 17 and she 16. :))
    we knew each other for a week and started dating.
    we call each other a different name everynight. whatever comes to mind at the time is what we say. but for like the last week she has been calling me sugarbear. I think she likes that one. I do too though. :))

  254. My girlfriend affectionately calls me “Monster” along with many of the normal pet nicknames. The name has a dual meaning, and is both a slight insult and a great compliment at the same time. I’m actually beginning to like it! 🙂

  255. I jus can’t imagine calling my sorta boyfriend(Kinda) nicknamez Lol but he calls me Bae and Sweetheart or in the mid of the night lik at 3 or 4am he will randomly send me a whole bunch of cute nicknames for no reason an says sleep safe my Angel. I LOVE THAT =D We knew each other for a year now but are not in a relationship weird right?

  256. I like to go for unoriginal nicknames by finding special qualities about my boyfriend that stand out to me. He’s super warm and sleeps a lot so I call him polarbear. He’s caucasian but he’s got a deepvoice so I came up with whitechocolate. He’s definitely skilled in the bedroom department but he never makes it feel impersonal or greedy. So I call him sex muffin.
    I wanna try to help him along with nicknames for me, like maybe kitten or eskiboo.(They fit with the standoutish qualities idea) But I’d prefer him to pick something out for me (; and in the meantime I’m either ‘Lexi’ or ‘Babe/Baby’.
    I don’t like too mushy nicknames though. Him neither. Ill be 19 soon, he’ll be 20 this fall.. Its not been too long into our relationship and uber mushy isn’t really our style for now. (;

  257. There’s this lady I adore, she calls me honeybee and nunubear… I call her hugglebug and honey… Thanks to all of these names I now have a couple more that I love… Hopefully she’ll love the ones I picked

  258. I call my husband: slick, punk, babe, stud, buster, charming, dork, dream boat, fruit cake, goof, handsome, hot stuff, hunk, love

    And he calls me: sunshine, angel, babe, doll, sweetheart, sweets, my girl, beauty/beautiful, browneyes, darlin’, gorgeous, joy, love, beloved, and when I’m sad, he calls me precious.

    We still have to come up with nicknames for the little versions of us…but we’re working on it 🙂

  259. I call my boyfriend Sexi starfish, and a bunch of other names I’m sure have already been listed. I love when he calls me Little Cutsie…. because I’m not that little, but i love feeling hahah. 3.5 years & going strong . ♥

  260. My boyfriend calls me his flomp, or just ‘flomp’. It’s a British word for marshmallow. I call him Button because he’s dead cute (:

  261. My girlfriend calls me pickle for some unbeknown reason :’). Quite like it though xD.
    But my name for her (which she likes) is Rosie Bear :}

  262. i cant think of any nicknames iv used that arnt on here:)!
    my boyfriend calllllls me his little princess and baby girl and precious and beautiful and so many more its so cute! love him so much♥

  263. I LOVE the nick name Muffin for guys… sadly my bf already had that nick name for other reasons he got it from his cousins. So it’s weird calling him a name that others call him.

  264. My boyfriend decided, for all sexual purposes my nickname is Bobcat… and did my father ever find that hilarious when he called my boyfriend Jason’s cell from my apartment and Jason answered ‘Good afternoon Bobcat!’ I still havent lived that down. Its quite disturbing that my father jokes about it still, if only he knew. LOL
    And as for me, my nicknames for my boyfriend are Casanova and Boyfriend.

  265. My ex boyfriend calls me Tink Or Tinkers 🙂 He came out of no where on June 21st 2011 and was like babe i have a nick name for you and i was like wat is it he was like Tinkers i was like oh em gee. He didnt know i loved TinkerBell & all of a suddon he gives me that nickname! Its so cute to me 🙂 Specially when he says “I Love You Tinkers” 🙂 Even though thats my ex, we are working on getting back together :).
    Adios 🙂 Tinkers 🙂

  266. Ma girlfriend calls me YOUNG WORLD.
    I like that! I call her cutie pie.3yrs and a strong ongoing relationship.

  267. This is probably the most retarded list of names I’ve ever heard. Really, if half of these were ever used you should probably take a creativity class.

  268. My girlfriend calls me ‘asshole’ or ‘jackass’, and maybe ‘dork’ if she’s in a good mood. She’s just the sweetest thing ever.

  269. my boyfriend calls me “chipmunk” because i got my wisdom teeth pulled out and i literally looked like a damn chipmunk. i cried when i looked in the mirror. i thought i looked like a monster but he said i was still beautiful<3
    july 11th will be our one year<33

  270. he also calls me pumpkin nipples. i dont have nipples that look like a pumpkin but he just made it up one day… lol what a dork

  271. My man calls me Chicklets because I have two big front teeth that remind him of chicklets I love it

  272. my best female friend slaps me alot, coz i’m quite cheeky, so for her it’ll be “slapper”, not a very nice name but hope she likes it (will probably get a slap for it too…)

  273. my ex and i used to call eachother poop or poopie… along with alot of other pet names lol sad to see no one else used these names. I guess this makes us weird.

  274. I call my girl “Snail” and “Snails” sometimes.

    I asked what it was like to be a girl some years back, and she jokingly replied “Warm, soft, slimey…. *She laughs* We’re basically snails with legs.”

    And so I called her “Snails” the next day and she laughed.
    Somewhere along the line it started going back and forth between “Snails” and “Snail”;
    (Along with every other combination of the word I can think of).

  275. my boyfriend and i call each other EVOL…for me its very unique but it simply reverse of the work LOVE….

  276. My boyfriend calls me raccoon tits for various reasons…hes just the cutest thing! It makes me feel good about my body

  277. I used to call my ex boyfriend Sunshine, and he’s call me Starshine. We started that before we even started dating, so it was always just a special me and him kind of thing.

  278. My boyfriend ( 5 months this September) doesn’t like funny pet names like Snookie ookums or anything because of a Seinfeld episode he watched about weird nicknames LOL. So anyway I have to stick to Cutie Pie, Sweetheart, Babeh, Lovey Dove, Sweet Cheeks, Darling, My Dear, Sweetums, Sweets, Cutie Pie, Honey Bun, My Love, Handsome, Honey, etc. I love cute nicknames! My sweet calls me My Love, Mine, Gorgeous, Sexy, Hot Stuff, Hotty, Sweetie, and Honey Buns lol. I love him <3