Alinea Restaurant: I just HAVE To eat here the next time I’m in Chicago. Amazing. You can check out a bunch of info on it at the eGullet forum here

Catster is friendster for cats. Henry’s profile can be found here

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Harbor Freight Tools – Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices: Do you like power tools? I love power tools. This website has some pretty incredible discounts on some pretty powerful tools. Yes, it’s safe for work.

The Baby Name Wizard will find out how popular your name is now, and what years it was most popular. This site can also help you pick a name if you’re at a loss.

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  1. My junk email is full of friend requests. It’s a little freaky and lame all at once. I think I need to change the settings so Chunk stops getting requests.

  2. My cat’s been on Friendster for almost three years. He prefers it to Catster. He befriends dogs and humans and doesn’t like to discriminate between species. He’s not a “speciesist” I guess.

  3. Beware Harbor Freight if you are buying for quality. Their tools break pretty easily. Noah buys them if he needs something for a specific quick job and is prepared to buy a second (or a third) if it breaks during the job.

  4. No doubt Elizabeth. I just saw the prices and have no clue of quality. As with pretty much anything, you get what you pay for. If you think it should be expensive then it probably should be expensive. Thanks for the tip-off.

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