• A list of celebrities and other prominent and famous individuals who have experienced being homeless for a brief or extended period at one time in their lives, either as children or adults. Stats:

      Nobel Prize Winners: 1
      Nobel Prize Nominees: 2 (includes above)
      Oscar Winners: 5
      Oscar Nominees: 9 (includes above)
      Emmy Award Winners: 7
      Emmy Award Nominees: 10 (includes above)
      Grammy Award Winners: 9
      Grammy Award Nominees: 13 (includes above)
      Best-Selling Authors: 6
      Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients (U.S.’s highest civilian honor): 1
      Knighthoods: 1
  • Loretta Lux takes photographs of children that are almost as charming as they are creepy. Her site is worth a look.
  • A Denver drinking club for all of you ready to find new bars and drinking partners.
  • I’m going to be gone but somebody should go to this. Redwood wines of California is putting on this cool event pairing exotic, foraged, food with wine and an informative walk in Commons Park. It’s free and there is still plenty of room for reservations.
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3 thoughts on “Artifacts”

  1. I’m impressed with the Loretta Lux photos! I’m just happy to have my kid sit still long enough to TRY to take his picture, let alone look like that. Good find.

  2. Lux’s photo’s look totally different now that I know they were superimposed over paintings. Very cool RR. I also dug the Mark Ryden stuff – his work seemed “Tim Burton-ish”.

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