Aught Six

A stormy vie of Breckenridge from the to of Keystone resort
Because skiing in the afternoon completely wiped me out (one more pictures after the jump), I was in bed and asleep by the time the New Year rolled around. I was barely able to stay up long enough to watch the ball drop in New York. I haven’t yet decided whether my sweet slumber is a good omen of things to come in ’06 or not. Instead we threw a party at our house on the 1st of the year. I think I like this better. It seems like you are celebrating the acceptance of a new year versus celebrating the discarding of an old year. A much better practice I think. Anyway, we had a party on the first. A handful of people showed up, G baked a honey roast ham, made green bean casserole, potato casserole, queso dip, a cheese plate and a bunch of other delicious food stuffs. The party took a while to start-up seeing as most of the attendees had done a fair amount of celebrating the night before. But as soon as everyone took a bite out of fido things got rolling – mostly lots of Prosecco, board games and laughs.

3 thoughts on “Aught Six”

  1. I think that getting a good night’s sleep and skiing on a mountaintop are far superior activities to staying up to watch a silly ball drop on tv. Go you!

    May you have a wonderful 2006.

  2. Since you live in Denver (and I live an hour away), I have a question for you. My brother is getting married in Denver (Littleton) next month. I am looking for a nice hotel for their wedding night. Do you have any recommendations?

    Much appreciated.

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