7 thoughts on “Badges? We Ain’t Got No… Stinking Badges”

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  2. I’m not sure why, but I just read that entire wiki page. I could of stopped after I read the original quote but no… I had to read all the misquotes.

    Is misquotes a word? I’m too tired to wiki that…

  3. A year or two ago, one my co-workers put in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and when that line came on, I got all excited, “THAT’S where that line is from”. Of course, if I were truly curious, I would have looked it up to.

    I can’t believe it has it’s own Wikipedia entry. They have that one, but they delete the Monkey’s Uncle one. Weird.

  4. This (mis)quote is something my Dad always says: “Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges” and is the same one that I use> I have heard several variations from others but have never heard anyone quote it correctly so I thought it was worth posting.

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  6. Ahhhh. It makes sense that my Dad was quoting “Blazing Saddles” and not “he Treasure of the Sierra Madre” – he is definitely more comedy than he is cowboy.

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