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I don’t really have much to write about today. After returning my tuxedo last night I got some take-out food and went home to veg on the couch. The remainder of my evening consisted of the most enjoyable brain-candy: For Love Or Money, the new Maxim, and Blind Date.

And because it’s bad enough to watch and read all that lame stuff above (let alone follow those links), and because I really have nothing else to tell you, here are some stimulating and fun links that you should actually visit:

A visual representation of our language
The NASA astronomy picture of the day
A favorite engineering toy: SodaConstructor

3 thoughts on “Brain Candy”

  1. Those reality shows are getting worse and worse. I caught 5 minutes of that For Love or Money show the other night..they’re just calculated to pit everyone against each other and turn everyone all paranoid and catty. What’s next..gladiators?

  2. ok, do not rent “life or something like it.” total waste of time.
    i hate reality shows. it seems like that is the only show that is on. except, i like the ozzy show :)…
    those fuckers on real world paris are a bunch of whiners.

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