Bright Lights, Big Pity

I’m back and back to normal. NYC was turbo-incredible. I’m not really sure how to describe the city in a single blog entry so I won’t even attempt it. So much happened that I’m not really interested in trying to rehash it all for you. On top of that, I left my camera at my brothers the other night so you’ll have to wait a while for pictures as well.

I’ve given NYC a hard time in the past. And I still think it deserves a hard time. There isn’t enough glass, brick, and steel in the entire city to contain it’s ego. But I’d be damned if a New York city doesn’t change you a little bit. Of all the things offered to me in NYC, I think a different perspective was the one I enjoyed the most. I have a new lust for NYC and a greater appreciation for all that home has to offer as well. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get there and it’s good to be back.

7 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Big Pity”

  1. First you change your blog address, don’t tell me and I think I have lost you forever. Then you come to NYC and don’t even tell me? Not that I was even in town (i was in LA) but shit brother, I would have given you some major tips on where to go for food, party, shopping and all this eclectic and action packed.

    Good grief. I think we are breaking up.

  2. We missed you.

    Frankly, NY has never appealed to me. Even when I had a roomie that was from the East Village (he stayed with me since I provided housing for the campaign he worked for) and he would rhapsodize about how wonderful everything in NY and EV was, it was never enough to make me want to visit.

  3. Hey, glad you enjoyed NYC. Yes, it’s quite an experience, and it can’t be summed up in just one blog post.

    Uh, I guess that’s why I’ve been blogging for 3 years now…Hmmm. I never thought of it that way!

  4. Yeah, that’s what I was talking abou5t. LSE said something about how you were missing something for the wedding. Im happy for pandy and whatever you call your brother …

  5. oh, so true. nyc does change you a bit.
    my most memorable experience from the whole one time i was there was when my husband and i went to the top of the empire state bldg. i was so excited for the great view of the city, and we hit it on a day when we zipped right through the lines. so we’re standing on the top, i’m immensely enjoying myself, when he says, “can you feel the building swaying back and forth a little?” at first i didn’t believe him, but then i got nauseous and we had to leave immediately. i still don’t know if i felt it or if it was in my head, but it fucked with me and i couldn’t take it. i seriously almost puked.

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