Brooke Shields And Punk Rock

This photo of H.R., lead singer of Bad Brains, smoking weed with a supposed Brooke Shields has been circling the internet like crazy the last couple of days.

Brooke Shields And H.R. Smoking WeedPhoto Courtesy of @davehill77

Although it would be incredible if this really happened, I’m sorry to say I’m 99.9% sure that isn’t really Brooke Shields. Which is too bad because it would have been the best picture ever if it was. However, don’t be too let down, Brooke actually has some strong punk rock roots. First off, Brooke did have an actual photo shoot with punk originator Stiv Bators, lead singer of the Dead Boys.

The above interview from Efrom Allen’s Underground TV was taken during the photo shoot with Stiv Bators. It aired on Manhattan Cable’s public access channel in the 1970s. The 12-year-old Brooke Shields actually gets a little flirty with the American punk rock innovator.

Furthering her punk rock roots, Shields opens up Agent Orange’s song ‘Bloodstain’ for the ‘Rondey On The ROQ Volume 1’ compilation. The album also includes rougher versions songs from the Circle Jerks, U.X.A., Black Flag, and Circle Jerks. Have a listen: Agent Orange – Bloodstains

Brooke Shields And Stiv Bators

Photo courtesy of astralsilence

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  1. astralsilence says of the photo shoot:

    “The photo was features on the booklet of a Stiv cd called ‘LA- LA’ by Bomp! records, 1994 edition, originally recorded in 1979/1980.

    The photo of Stiv and Brooke Shields has no photographer credits, it has a label that reads ‘…Don’t even ask!’ beneath though.

    The photographers credited at the last page of the bootleg include Theresa Kereakes, David Arnoff, Donna Santisi and Marcia Resnick.

    I believe the photo was taken by Marcia Resnick but I’m not completely sure.

    I hope the info is useful!“

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