Can You Taste The Waste?

Ween blew my mind (again). They started the show with the one song I wanted to hear and ended with one I never expected to hear. The whole thing was great, though the acoustic set was a little slow for me until Joppa and Buenos Tardes. Over all it was a great show. Anyway, here is video of the “Awesome Sound” encore everybody seemed to love.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/awesomesound.flv height=350 width=500 /]

Here is the setlist for the night:
What deaner talkin bout
Piss up a rope
Learnin 2 love
Take me away
Don’t get 2 close
Woman and man
Bare hands
Yer party (only repaeat)
Stay 4 ever
Stroker ace
Dr rock
Did U see me
U were the fool
Back 2 basom
Buenos tardes
going gets tuff
i’m in the mood (wacky)
big jilm
awesome sound
squeal on the pusher into destruction of cluade’s drums

Here is a before picture:
Calm Before The Storm I

Here is a during picture:
Ween In Full Force

Here is an after picture:
Aftermath of the Ween Show
After the storm photo courtesy of JW.

And lastly, Ween had a secret free show in Fort Collins on Tuesday. You can download an mp3 of it if you’d like.

3 thoughts on “Can You Taste The Waste?”

  1. One: The Fillmore, right?  Ahhh, how I miss thee.
    Two: I am really getting giddy excited about finally meeting you face to face.

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