Castle In The Sky

Last Monday at twilight, a large cumulonimbus was hovering over east side of Denver. As an official member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, I went out to snap a few photos of this beauty.

Castles In The Sky

As always, click for a larger photo and more can be found on my flickr page. I wasn’t the only one to notice this castle in the sky though. These other Denver bloggers caught photos too:

  • Cocktail Hour (the best Denver photoblog out there in my opinion)
  • Brofax (another great Denver photoblog)
  • Future Gringo
  • Little Things Are Big
  • Socialist Dilemma
  • 4 thoughts on “Castle In The Sky”

    1. Thanks Piper, I took it all by myself. I’ve been a member of CAS for a couple of years now, it’s sorta fun, and I do love clouds.

      This photo in particular might be better than the one on Cocktail Hour, but her photos are consistently better than mine – everyday.

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