Cherry Creek Cougars

Can anyone tell me where I can find this article online? I would love to see the list of bars mentioned in this article. The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle’s website sucks. If anyone from that paper is reading this, get in contact with me, I can help you. Also, are we sure that the PYT on cover is a cougar?


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  1. oh man – my stepmom is about 50 mins. east of me in central new jersey, and is a well-educated, sassy, fashionable and 50 year old single woman. she called me a few weeks ago, horror in her voice, screaming about how she needed to move out of jersey asap. i asked why; she said she just got a call from the sister of a woman in her thai chi class (whom she’d never even met) asking if she wanted to go to a “cougars and cubs” party with her.

  2. I can’t find it online either, but I read the article yesterday while waiting at the car shop. They say cougars are women in their EARLY 30s and 40s. Can you really go for younger men in your early 30s? Anyway, that’s how old I think that woman must be.

    You can read a lot of the story on the Chronicle’s website (albeit fuzzily). The bars are: Elway’s, North, The Cherry Cricket, The Cruise Room and Cool River.

  3. Found this from Bill Husted. Ha.
    Feasting on good times, younger guys
    By Bill Husted
    The Denver Post
    Article Last Updated: 12/14/2007 03:40:29 AM MST

    People are talking about the Cherry Creek North Cougars — older women who go out looking for younger men in Cherry Creek bars.

    Two women in their 60s asked me about Cougars at the bar at Prime 121 on Wednesday night. They said they just wanted some action — and didn’t care if the guys were young.

    The people at Chez Jose restaurant in Cherry Creek have come out with a “Cherry Creek North Cougars” T-shirt. Owner Dan Ohlson had them made up by designer Damon Miller as uniforms for a flag football team Chez Jose sponsors. He put a few of the shirts in the window and they started selling faster than his signature burritos.

    “People who don’t know what a cougar is just don’t get it,” Ohlson says. “But people who get it think it’s hilarious. They come in and buy five of them for their friends.”

    Interestingly, the men’s sizes sell out first. Ohlson has a new shipment on hand for the holidays, $20. You go girls!

  4. Those are some great finds Allison. The t-shirts referenced in the Denver Post article actually look pretty cool.

    I have to disagree that a woman in her early thirty’s could be considered a cougar though. Seems to me one would have to be at least in there mid-thirty’s. It’s also great to know what bars they mentioned. I only frequent the cricket but will check the others out someday.

    Anywaste. Thanks for the comments and contributions.

  5. I posted a comment last night that was basically the same thing Allison said, only Safari crashed when I hit submit. Stupid old Mac. Need a new one.

    Anyhoo, total agreement here. Early 30s does not a cougar make. Personally, I think she HAS to be over 40 at the least. And today’s 40 is still pretty young in most cases– 45+ is probably a more accurate “cougar.” I guess you could call the younger ones Lynxes or something


  6. Well if you like the smell of lavender, are into bunion rubs and like your chicken skin extra crispy then cougars are for you.

    Their Moms used to hang out at the Proof of the Pudding. Glad to see the daughters upscaled

    Ode to the Cherry Creek North Cougars:

    They don’t yell,
    They don’t tell,
    They don’t swell,
    And they’re grateful as hell

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