Chronophoto Is A Fun Game Where You Guess The Age Of Photographs


I thoroughly enjoyed playing a few rounds of Chronophoto. It’s is a game in which you guess the dates of five historical photographs. The more accurate your guess, the higher your score. Each photograph has its own set of clues that give away the era — film quality, subject matter, products, uniforms, fashion, vehicles, and colorization,

My scores are all over the board, but after about 5 rounds I got a high score of 3,315. When I was wrong, I was really wrong. I did get a couple of guesses right on the spot – resulting in 1,000 points each – but being wrong is almost more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Chronophoto Is A Fun Game Where You Guess The Age Of Photographs”

  1. James C McLaughlin

    It would be a better game if after guessing the date, one was also provided with some information about the photo itself. Not only when it was taken, but who are the characters in the photo and what is the photo showing and where it was taken.

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