Colfax Avenue, 1972

Colfax Avenue, 1972Photo Credit: Bruce McAllister

This photo is from the Documerica Project (1971-1977) put together by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s. The images taken for the project can now be found in the U.S. National Archives.

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  1. I couldn’t find this picture in their Flickr gallery. Obviously, they don’t have it tagged well. Can you post or send me the link to their Flickr post please?

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately the Flickr pool doesn’t have every photo from the Documerica Project in it and this is one of the ones not included. You might want to try searching google for the photographer “Bruce McAllister” or doing a google image search for it. It you are looking for a high resolution image just click on the picture above.

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