Creepypasta And Horror Story Plot Generator

This horror story idea generator is based loosely off of John Atkinson’s most recent Wrong Hands comic. Just click the “Scare Me Again!” button below and voilà! You have your own brand new horror movie plot.

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Do you have any good ideas for horror story plots? Put it in the comments below and I’ll try and get them added to the generator.

12 thoughts on “Creepypasta And Horror Story Plot Generator”

  1. A single mother who lives in a small one-bedroom apartment discovers that her sickly son is descended from a long-line of werewolves and his relatives will soon be looking for him.

      1. The nightmareere is true story one day Young boy was walking to home when he noticed dark object . As he stared at it he felt all his happiness fade away then he arrived home and grabbed a knife cutting his mothers throat then he turned into a creature with burnt skin green eyes and a jack-o-lantern smile and wings with no flesh only bone and paws as feet and claws with hands so burnt they han dissolved to bone some say he killed his entire family. some even say he ate them alive but never say his name or he will come for you

    1. A teenage student who was competing with her older sister because she was better than her. One time she discovers that her sister sold her soul to Zalgo and her older sister finds out so she fed her one eye to her.

  2. A guy escapes a mental asylum. He grabs a knife. He sneaks into a guy’s room. A guy gets butchered while asleep but the killer stays unknown to this day.

  3. A young girl is left alone to die in the woods by her parents. But what they don’t know is that shes secretly planning a escape and planning to kill them

  4. a young girl intrested in a string of deaths occuring in a local coffee shop, she applys for the job to get a deeper look into the situation, she has nightmares and hollucanations the first week freaking her out, she tell herself its okay but when the real creature shows up she dosnt believe it hse says its all in her mind…until the long lanky black figure with horns and sharp claws slowly walks towards her, it grabs hold of her clawing her eyes out, feasting on her orgins whilst shes just barley breathing….

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