Do You Dig Denver?

Do you dig Denver? I do, and that’s why I’ve started this little project. Although it’s still in its very early stages I wanted everone who reads Artifacting to get a chance to check it out and give me some feedback about what changes they think I should make.

Dig Denver is a collabrative website in a similar vein as However, instead of focussing on technology, the focus is on Denver. I intend for the site to contain news, events, promotions, politics, realestate, venues, openings, happenings, fun stuff, interesting tidbits, and anything else you think is worht our while or cool about this city. Everything on Dig Denver is submitted and voted on by it’s readers. It’s a place to share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news and events that are important to you.

Once an event or news article is submitted by a user, it is posted in the Upcoming Stories queue . This is a holding place where users can find the newest events and news. If you find an event/news article/ tidbit that you think is cool or interesting, simply hit the vote button to help promote it to the homepage. Once a article has been voted on by enough people, it is instantly promoted and shown on the front page. Since this site’s content is user-driven, it is up to you to contribute.

Right now there is anonymous voting but you have to be registered to submit an article (I encourage you to register anyway). Like I said, it’s still in its early stages but I wanted to give you guys a chance to check it out and please give me some feedback.

Don’t forget to click the “Dig Stories” link to see all of the most recently submitted stories!

9 thoughts on “Do You Dig Denver?”

  1. Kath, thanks for signing up, let me know if you run into problems or have ideas for improvments.

    Howard, cool, the more people know about the site the more it will benefit those using it.

    thb, you don’t have to live in, or ever have been to, Denver to use it. So yes, that counts.

    elizabeth, thanks, you only have to have heard of anything about denver to cintribute, it easy too.

  2. Hubs,

    Dig the idea and its democratic functionality. I especially like the ease with which other people can link directly to an event. The resizing is a little wonky in IE (what I’m force to use at work). When the window shrinks, the left and right sidebars are pushed to the bottom of the screen; the one on the right overlaps the line. Also, although the pink is easy to read in the banner, it’s a little difficult to see the links and the “posted by” info.
    Looking forward to seeing this grow!

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