I wish I had these things currently in my possession:

A transporter pod
25 hours in a day
Professional public speaking skills
A free lunch
More closet space
A box of confidence
A few extra dollars in my bank account
A large bee (in a jar) that spread love everywhere it went
A maid

4 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. bartow and i had a maid for about 6 months. it was pretty cool. however, she did not really speak english and sometimes we would have to call the house to check our messages when she was there. she would answer the phone and when we would try to explain to her that she shouldn;t answer the phone the next time because it was going to be us calling again, she would get confused and hang up. the next time we called the same thing would happen. it got to be very frustrating. she also cleaned too well, so we had to fire her. (really, we just could not afford it any longer.)

  2. I know this is your list, and your blog, but can I add?
    * Someone to pack all these boxes before the movers get here
    * A massage, after I end up doing it myself
    * A magic box-unpacking machine in my new apartment.
    * My security deposit back sooner

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