Eleven Is The Easiest Number That There Ever Was

Eleven really easy things that will make my life exponentially better:

Setting stops on all my trades
Doing more work when at work
Fixing more meals
Using my work computer for more work stuff
Calling my friends more often
Studying and researching more

Letting my dishes sit in the sink for more that a night
Staying at work past 6:00
Eating out so often
Staying out so late
Thinking more than doing

3 thoughts on “Eleven Is The Easiest Number That There Ever Was”

  1. Start: Returning phone calls sooner, keeping better in touch with old friends, finishing books I’ve been reading for months, painting more

    Stop: Whining about not going to the gym and then still not going, procrastinating, staying up really late for no reason

    Continue: Not watching television, writing every day, flirting shamelessly with other bloggers

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