Five Things You Probably Never Knew About Me

I really have very few absolute secrets. Everything that has ever been done by/to/for/ me, is known about by another person. There is very little I can expose about myself that is not known by at least one other living human. But Mark has tagged me for one of those meme-meta things a while back so I figured I ought to give a shot anyway by tailoring it to the readers of this. So, without further ado… Five Things You Probably Never Knew About Me:

    1. I only have one kidney. I wasn’t born that way.
    2. For four months, in the nicest house of which I will probably ever live, I slept on the hardwood floors with just three blankets underneath me.
    3. I have an affinity for the moon and the ocean but don’t understand tides.
    4. I regularly trade the stock market.
    5. Yeah, right, like I’m really gonna type that out for the whole world to see. Let your imagination run wild.

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