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In the traditional sense, I’m not very romantic. Much to my girlfriends chagrin, I’m sure. I don’t see romance in the conventional means of chocolate, flowers, large glasses of red wine (though the wine can definitely help things along), and Marvin Gaye songs. This is not to say that I find romance silly, or “the hard way to get what I want”. It is just that the objects that are commonly found romantic, I find quite horrid. And maybe it’s because they are just that – common (and horrible). I find most of my romance in humor, and music, and nostalgia, and words, and sometimes in tragedy. For instance, L.A. Hunter would drive me absolutely nuts, but the story of Abelard and Heloise (the dude gets his balls chopped off) is romantic in my eyes. Despite my somewhat uncharacteristic beliefs in where romance is found, this has to be one of the most sentimental, adoring, affectionate and… lets face it… romantic, ideas I have heard in a while.

One of the Eternal City’s oldest bridges has this summer become the focus a grand romantic ritual that has seized the imagination of hundreds of couples from Rome and abroad. Lovers testify to their everlasting love by attaching a chain and a small padlock to a lamp-post on the northern end of the Ponte Milvio Bridge. They write their names on the lock in felt-tip pen and then throw the keys into the River Tiber.

I found out about this in Italy Magazine and can’t wait to do this with my true love. Have you ever carved your lovers initials in a tree?

Fred Jesson: [playing the crossword puzzle] You’re a poetry addict. See if you can help me over this. It’s Keats. ‘When I behold, upon the night’s starr’d face / Huge cloudy symbols of a high _______.’ Something that’s seven letters.
Laura Jesson: Romance, I think. I’m almost sure it is. ‘Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance.’ It will be in the Oxford Book of English Verse.
Fred Jesson: No, it’s right I’m sure. It fits in with ‘delirium’ and ‘Baluchistan.
-From the movie “Breif Encounter” which you should watch if you liked “Lost In Translation” and understand romance.

8 thoughts on “For Lovers”

  1. “Sexual healing” doesn’t do it for me. Janes Addictions “I Would For You” does though. I wonder how many people drown every year seaching for their key at the bottom of the rivier.

  2. I was always told you could harm the tree by carving initials. Maybe an old wives tale, but I never wanted to take the chance.

    Am with you on romantic song choices. Barry White?? Marvin Gaye?? Barf!! I’ll take Mates of State, Breaking Benjamin or Death Cab any day. The river idea is also very romantic. But nothing beats the good old all or nothing of getting married and trying to make it work.

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s in the trying and giving it your 1000% that you discover the true test of love and the highs and lows that come with it.

  3. just the fact that you acknowledge your romantic inclinations (or lack thereof? whatever.) here on your blog is very sweet, hubs. your anti-romance is romance.

    (and i’m happy to hear you don’t buy roses. yuck. and this coming from a girl with a name like mine.)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a heads up on this. I really like your blog. I’m not usually a fan of disclosive journal type blogs, but you have a lovely writing voice. If you lived around here, I’d buy you a drink. 🙂 bb

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