Get A Cute Nickname For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Ever since I put together this giant list of affectionate, cute nicknames, everybody seems to come here looking for help finding a nickname to give their loved ones. Well, I have finally put together this generator that will help you find a unique, silly, cute, funny or sexy nickname for your special someone. All you have to do is click whether you want the name for your girlfriend or boyfriend, enter their name, then click the button. If you’re not happy with the first nickname just click the button again and you’ll get another one.

I need a nickname for my

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84 thoughts on “Get A Cute Nickname For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend”

      1. Well maybe you could of kept trying like put in his full name or just his name and his last name or something my bf got parfect kisses see you could of got better if you kept look for a name that fits

      2. Wtfff dump his ass. He gon break up wth you just cause you called him a nick name 💀💀 you need someone better than his ass.

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  3. Its kinda funny cause my boyfriend calls me Pookie and the nick name this site gave me for him was perfect Pookie, also he says he would like to give me puppy secrets and the site told me to call him puppy kisses haha.

  4. Amazing Sugar? Haha I don’t think my boyfriend would like that! I gave him one of the choices “Patootie” and he absolutley hated it. Haha. Don’t think guys will like some of these nick names.

  5. i come to find a cute nickname for my girl and this is what i found “tasty princess” i dont wana talk to her like she is somthing to eat!?!?!?!?!?

  6. this website is crazy i was looking up cute nice names for my girl and this is what i found “tasty princess” i dont wana talk to her like she is dinner >:o

  7. lol, she isn’t my gf. 🙁
    In a discussion with her I said:
    Peach was already taken by the ©Nintendo™® corp.
    I’ve just visited this site and it suggested….
    Your Girlfriend’s Nickname Is: Lovely Peach

  8. Omg! Me and my bf have been together for over a year nd our song is “Cowboys and Angels” by Dustin Lynch and the nickname it came up with was Cowboy <3

  9. jocelyn orellana

    i love this girlfriend is my Beautiful Hunny. took me a while to figure out which one is the right name for her.But i figured it out.

  10. I love this! Killer kisses… this is actually perfect because his kisses leave me breathless!! Thank you sooo much!!! I laughedso hard at how fitting this was!! Love it!!! <3

  11. I think that it is stupid that all the names are horny. IT IS MEANT TO BE CUTE!!!!!!!! NOT SEXUAL I was Honey Pussy. STUPID

  12. Ahaha. My boyfriends nickname is Mister Cakes. And mine is Miss Cupcake. Lmao tf?😂 I ain’t no food✋

  13. Schpoochie pussy…. first off I can’t pronounce that. Second, my bf called me that after coming to this website. I ended up slapping him. I Don’t appreciate being called a woman’s private parts. Like Lmao, where df u get these names XDD

    1. If they’re gonna put something about a girl’s private parts such as “Pussy Cat” the least you can freaking do is put something like Peacock like seriously that’s what I call my boy and we came up with if as a conjoined effort if you are gonna do this sit down with them and do it with them to make sure it will be perfect for them and you.

  14. I call my boyfriend who is super muscular, chubs. He eats like he is 300 lbs. He is not chubby by any means. I have never been anyone’s baby, I refuse to be called that. He started calling sweetie pie, but the way he said it was whiny. I did not like that. He now calls me brownie, or sweetie. Brownie cause I am dark and he likes the dark skin. So he says. I also call him poo face when he is angry, upset and has that distraught face for silly reasons.

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  16. Omw my boyfriend’s was panda and he lovez animals so he loved this name i am so happy with him he is my love and life♡♡♡☆☆☆°°°○○○□□□◇◇◇♧♧♧♥♥♥★★★•••●●●■■■◆◆◆♣♣♣▼▲▶◀↑↓←→

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