26 thoughts on “Google Street View At Night”

  1. Must be a mistake that somehow slipped through. I don’t doubt that the street view cars take pictures at night from time – on the way back from an assignment for example – but they most likely have a system in place that’s supposed to remove them before adding them in the live google maps. Cool catch!

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  3. Goulburn, a country town in NSW Australia, has night view on one side of the road and day view on the other. Look at 100 Lagoon Street, Goulburn and it’s daytime, then move across the road (or enter 101 Lagoon Street, Goulburn) and it’s nighttime.

  4. In Philadelphia, the 1900 block of Harrison st (19124). Once you pass the church or dead end, it goes back to regular. Weird

    1. Rune, I like that one for a few reasons. First it is in my home state of Colorado. Second that it is a single location, go either way down the road and it is back to daylight. Lastly, that matrix effect tho!

  5. Ling St, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s pretty much useless – could have saved time and money and just made it a black screen

  6. 2526 Chain Bridge Rd #101, Vienna, VA 22181

    It stays night at least for several blocks–can’t see anything! film noir street view–??????

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