Hawaii Day 1: Go!

Coral Runway

Hawaii Shoreline

It’s hard to believe that I was in sunning it up on the beaches of Hawaii last week. It all seems like a dream at this point.

We arrived in Honolulu and then caught another flight to Kauai. The Honolulu airport has an outdoor garden that is inside of security and is a great place to sit around for an hour and work on your base tan while waiting for your next flight. Since go! airlines moved into the market a few years ago, inter-island flights have dropped to just $40 (from over $100) making island hopping actually feasible and not just a luxury. We flew Hawaiian Airlines and they were even more competitive, plus each flight comes with a free cup of guava juice. Bonus! But they put one of our bags on the wrong flight. Bonus negative.

After arriving in Kauai we dropped off our bags at our room and headed straight for the beech. When you live in landlocked Colorado, beach time becomes gold and you hoard all of it you can.

After a little bit of swimming and exploration of our resort and beaches we headed out to Roy’s for dinner. Roy’s is something that you only want to do when your in Hawaii. In Hawaii, where the restaurant actually started, they are the actually Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurants. On the mainland they are some sort of conglomeration put together with Outback Steakhouse Restaurants Inc. and are not the same thing. In fact, there used to be a Roy’s in Cherry Creek but it went out of business. Anyway, my meal was delicious and I’d suggest it to anyone who is in Hawaii and is willing to fork out the bucks.

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