I Just About Exploded

I just about exploded eating wings last night. They were the good kind. I’m kinda picky about my buffalo wings. They have to be crispy, none of that soggy crap. I like ’em so the skin crunches a little bit. And the sauce has to be good too. I don’t want it to be on fire but they have to bite back. Also, any of you pussys out there using ranch instead of blue cheese to dip with, you can leave right now. I prefer to have about one celery stick for every wing too, but I’m a little more flexible on this point.

I seriously don’t have anything better to write about than buffalo wings.

7 thoughts on “I Just About Exploded”

  1. will you marry me? i love buffalo wings. i could eat them at every meal…. and i always use blue cheese over ranch. ranch is just not as good (unless it is homemade ranch). i hate to say this, but hooters has awesome wings. they are not really wings so much as little fried chickens. damn they are good.

  2. although i’ve never actually tried the wings at hooters, i’ve heard from several other people that they are really good (most, but not all them, being male).

    hooters has good wings like plaoyboy has good journalism.

  3. i got them at the Red Room on Colfax. i was a almost didn’t get them because i didn’t know if they were gonna be good there, but my gamble paid off. Other good wing places i’ve in town include: fagans on downing and evans and gabriels (it has a new name now i think) on 13th and washington near wax trax. do you got any recomendations?

  4. honestly, I’ve yet to find wings that really blow me away… Overall, Woody’s wood fired pizza probably rates near the top for their teryiaki wings. America’s has a great buffalo gold sauce, but the wings are always on the scrawny side… I’ve never had the Red Room’s though, so I’ll definitely give those a try next time I’m in there…

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