I Musta Drank Me ‘Bout Fifteen Dr. Peppers

A couple of weeks ago I uploaded our good friend Dick Simmons to give everyone who entered Hubsville a big hand for just showing up. Gideon complained about this, she doesn’t like big hands, particularly Richards. Sooooooo, I decided to change it up to Good Ole Gump. Why? My good nature readers may ask. Because 15 Dr. Peppers is the perfect cure for a hangover, the flu, and tuberculosis, or whatever else may ail ya. Do-doop-de-doop bop!

I’ll change up these sounds on occasion. When I/you get bored I guess. None of us like big hands.

9 thoughts on “I Musta Drank Me ‘Bout Fifteen Dr. Peppers”

  1. I’ve been toying with this idea for years. I’m thinking of putting a looping mp3 of a song in the background of my site. I’ll work on that this week, so beware at work Dave.

  2. oh. haha. I just opened this in IE. That was funny. I wouldn’t worry about fixing it in Firefox though. People who use the fox tend to be control freaks who don’t like unexpected things happening in their browser.

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