I think I’m In Love

I think I’m in love.

Last Wednesday Kate Stelnick drove 5 hours to Denny’s Beer Barrel to attempt the Denny’s Beer Barrel challenge. Young Kate Stelnick was the first ever to have won the challenge. What was the challenge you may ask? To eat an 11 pound hamburger in under three hours. This includes six pounds of meat, 1 1/2 pounds of cheese, two gigantic buns, a river of mayonnaise, mustard and catsup, two entire tomatoes, two entire onions, and tons of lettuce. Don’t forget the pickles.

Though many have tried this challenge, professional eaters included, none has accomplished the feat. That is till Kate stepped up to the plate. And with Kate weighing in at a mere 115 lbs. (126 lbs. now) the accomplishment seems even more impressive. The chick can eat. Lots. She finished the challenge with five minutes to spare and prepared with two days worth of fasting. Sonya Thomas has nothing on her.

“I had no strategy,” Kate said. “None. I probably should have, but I just tried to eat as much as possible before I felt full.” Her friends joke that she has a fat kid living inside her. She reportedly didn’t even go to the bathroom during the entire challenge. An accomplishment in itself really.

Denny is planning vegetable and turkey-based versions of the challenge.

Kate, you have my email.

Kate Stelnick finishing the Denny’s Beer Barrel Challenge, Clearfield PA. Photo courtesy of AP

19 thoughts on “I think I’m In Love”

  1. why? for the entire tables bill to be paid, a t-shirt, a $75 gift certificate, to be immortally honored on Denny’s wall of fame, and last and least, for my unrequited love.

  2. Damn it. I was supposed to have been the first one to accomplish that feat. Now that my destiny has been taken away, I’ll just go back to selling Grip ‘N’ Flips door-to-door. Stupid Kate Stelnick.

  3. I always thought I was weird, if not a pervert, for being attracted to non-obese women with big appetites (Maybe I still am, but I now know I am not alone)

    I noticed this weekend that KateStelnick.com and Stelnick.com were unregistered and I went ahead and registered them to prevent them from being hijacked. (I thought all unregistered last name .coms went out with sub $1 gas). I have set up a page of links at Stelnick.com and a page of 11-pound burger facts at KateStelnick.com At Kate’s request, I would like to either upgrade these pages to a real website or give her these domain names.

  4. I live in Clearfield… I dont partonize bars but I can tell you this… Its the only thing anyone would ever likely come to clearfeild for… We are a small town, small people… Id like to try this, but since I dont patronize, id have to beat it… Regardless, since I live here, its not that big a deal to me…

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