2 thoughts on “Interview With A Denverite”

  1. see, this is why artifacting (which still stranslates to hubsville in my head. sorry.) is and important part of my feed – i just found two more blogs in denver that are actually worth reading from one post from you.

    its very important you keep this stuff up when i’m no longer a denverite, kay? and way to be quick on your toes with the “long enough to know better” response. i laughed.

    p.s. i wish there was another word we could use besides “denverite.”

  2. I’ll always be hubsville to you Gijyun, and for that I am proud. In return you’ll always be a Denverite to me. I have no plans to quit artifacting anytime soon so please let this be one of your connections home. We’re all going to miss you dearly.

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