Mind The Dust Please

I’ve been making some changes to this site. I’ve finally switched up to the latest version of MT. I’ve added antispam stuff that hopefully should greatly reduce the amount of spam I’ve been receiving lately. I haven’t had a chance to test the comments so send me an email if you have any problems. In addition, I’ve redesigned the Annex. Although there is no longer the ability to comment on the links, there should bee a lot more links coming through. I’m still not checking my email at work but at least the emails that you send me won’t be getting lost in the sea of spam I was receiving before. Of course that’s no guarantee that I’ll be returning emails, just a guarantee that I’ll be reading them. Probably.

I’ll be making some other changes and hopefully this will lead to more entries here.

I’d hate to run into this guy in a dark alley.

4 thoughts on “Mind The Dust Please”

  1. he would probably be good at punching you in the face, knife or no knife. then again he looks pretty slow, he would probably need the knives.

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