Moonlight Shining Down On Me

Stumbling on the wonderful Blaze Foley this late in life is a damn shame. If you are like I was, you should give him a listen right now. I also found this blurb from wikipedia, about his master tapes, worthy of sharing.

The master tapes from his first studio album were confiscated by the DEA when the album’s executive producer was caught in a drug bust. Another studio album disappeared when the master copies were stolen along with his belongings from a station wagon that Foley had been given and lived in. A third studio album, Wanted More Dead Than Alive, was thought to have disappeared until, many years after Foley died, a friend who was cleaning out his car discovered what sounded like the Bee Creek recording sessions on which he and other musicians had performed. When Foley died, his attorney immediately nullified the recording contract and the master tapes subsequently disappeared, reportedly having been lost in a flood.

So all the master tapes are gone. But if you’d like, you can still pick up The Dawg Years Reissue on 8 track from Sacred Bones Records.

via Derek Erdman

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