Music & Movies Of 2006

According to these are the bands that I listened to most during 2006 (of course this doesn’t include what was played on the ipod and ye ole stereo with ye ole cd’s):

    1 Modest Mouse
    2 Ween
    3 Big Bad Mutha Fuka
    4 Dressy Bessy
    5 Stevie Wonder
    6 Sodastream
    7 Snow Patrol
    8 Beastie Boys
    9 The Bouncing Souls
    10 Talulah Gosh

And these are the tracks I listened to most:

    1 Beastie Boys – Country Mike’s Theme
    2 Ben Folds Five – Champagne Supernova
    3 Big Black – I Can’t Believe
    4 Big Star – ST 100/6
    5 Animaniacs – The Planets
    6 Propagodz – Trax Cut Cold
    7 Barry Beatmaster – Benny’s Gay Bar
    8 Bikini Kill – Rah! Rah! Replica
    9 Afghan Whigs – Her Against Me
    10 Billy Bragg – Lovers Town Revisited

The top 5 highest rated movies I saw during 2006 with my rating out of 5 (not necessarily released in 2006):

    1 Little Miss Sunshine – A dark comedy that is loads of fun to watch. All the characters were interesting and the story was well thought out. A great laugh indeed. 5/5
    2 Garden State – One of my recent faves. A movie for the indie yuppy in us all. 4.5/5
    3 Stranger Than Fiction – An enjoyable and eccentric comedy that somehow holds up to its own ending. A sort of “Owen Meanie” meets “Groundhog Day” meets “Delirious”. 4/5
    4 N Judah 5:30 (short) – A melancholy train ride filled with small, rich moments. 4/5
    5 Heavenly Creatures – Macabre, immaginitive, brutal and real this is an unconventional teenage love story. The mood of this movie is what stuck out. I also had no idea it was true to actual events – right down to the verbatim narration. 4/5
    6 Match Point – Not your typical Woody Allen. London not Manhatten, opera not jazz, Johanson not Keaton. A more serious movie for Allen with a touch of the noir and well worth the time & money. 4/5
    7 Primer – A complete brain twister. But in a fun way, not a frustrating way. A movie to watch twice and talk about. 4/5
    8 Me and You and Everyone We Know – ))<>(( 4/5
    9 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – It’s really hard not to compare this to the original – so i will; this had worse music but a better backstory. 4/5
    10 The Puffy Chair – I don’t need healthy relationships or happy endings in my movies which is one reason why I may have liked this movie everyone else loves to hate. I thought it was real, genuine & honest, but most wouldn’t agree with me. 3.5/5

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