(Naked) Lawn Ornaments

My girlfriend hardly ever reads this blog. She knows about it. But I think the stuff I post here has little or no interest to her. I believe she read a lot of the old stuff when we first started dating, but none of it was as juicy as she had hoped it would be. In fact, I don’t think I even have any old girlfriend pictures on here. I mean, that’s what you’re looking for when you sneak through your significant others stuff, isnt it? Anyway, I think she only stops by once a month just to make sure I didn’t post those nakie pictures of us.

When we had the big storm last December she stomped out in the middle of the night, during the heavy snowfall and took pictures of our lawn ornaments – the ladybug, the funky flamingo, and the glowing orb. When she came back inside she handed me the camera and said, “Check it out, it’s for your blog”. I figured since she just came back inside from a blizzard, the pictures weren’t the nudies I was hoping for. They are, however, the first girlfriend contributed entry, so for that you should be thankful, because if she reads this, I’m guessing it’ll probably be the last. Enjoy.

Ladybug Lawn Ornament Flamingo Lawn Ornament Glowing Ball Lawn Ornament

9 thoughts on “(Naked) Lawn Ornaments”

  1. lux – And the snowy flamingo likes you.

    rosie – I’ve seen kev comment before i think but i don’t know if that counts as a contribution.

    ikicsi – You’re alive! And freaking me out a little with the flemeng-shui.

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