Nickelback, You Lazy, Talentless Bunch Of Wankers

When you simultaneously play the two Nickelback songs “How You Remind Me” and “Someday”, which were released two years apart, you will soon discover that they are 90% the same song.

Nickelback, you lazy, talentless bunch of wankers. What, did you think nobody would notice that you’re recycling your hideous dirge and selling it all over again to your deluded fan base? You bastards, you’re taking advantage of those tone deaf MTV brainwashed twats who are too thick to notice you’re releasing songs that are EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones you recorded earlier.

NPR has a great take on this as well.
Here is a link to an .mp3 of the combined songs by Nickelback.
As an added bonus, this is a link to two Linkin Park songs played over each other.

But all this song similarity stuff is really nothing new. If I have any advice for a budding guitar player, which I don’t, it would be to learn how to play “Louie Louie”. The chord progression known to musicians as I-IV-V (The Eternal Medley) has been used in so many hit songs it should be considered abuse. A popular use of this progression, I-IV-/V-IV-/ad nauseum, is known as the ‘Louie Louie’ and is used in songs such as “Hang On Sloopy”, “Twist and Shout”, “Wild Thing”, and a ton of other songs with very little variation in rhythm.

So I guess, in the end, it’s not all that strange that Nickelback has songs that sound similar. What makes it nerve wracking is that Nickelback has actually plagiarized themselves (if that is even possible). What makes it disgusting, is that Nickelback fans don’t really seem to care and they continue buy this piece of crap music.

18 thoughts on “Nickelback, You Lazy, Talentless Bunch Of Wankers”

  1. Who the hell is Nickelback? And, as Kevin would say, I’m pretty up on the bad music! Guess *I* need to get off my lazy wanker and listen to it too.

  2. OK, prepare to laugh!

    I really like them. Have seen them in concert twice.

    And yeah, they do sound similiar but so what?

    My 2 cents.

  3. 1. THE SONGS SOUND NOTHING ALIKE! When they’re played on top of each other like this moron did, they sound lke garble. Why is that? Because they’re DIFFERENT MEOLODIES, KEYS, AND TEMPOS!

    2. Even if they WERE exactly the same song, calling a music group “lazy bastards” and their fans “deluded” just because YOU don’t have a life only goes to show how desparate this guy is for attention.

    3. NPR introduced the tard as a “college student and musician” leading me to think that the “musician” part isn’t working out too well.


  4. Wow, did someone’s nerve get touched? Hubs, can I put a link to my post about how to make an intelligent, logical argument here?

    Here’s the thing, the only copyrightable materials in a song are melody and lyric, so key and tempo cannot be argued here when it comes to a plagiarism charge. Besides, they are ‘borrowing’ from themselves. Are they going to take themselves to court? Doubt it.

    The fact is the songs do sound similar — NOT the same — and that is what is being brought to people’s attention. I don’t blame Nickleback for doing it when you’ve got the pressure of the record label to make another hit and fanatics like Elizabeth demanding more of the same. What does it matter? Their fans’ money is going to the record label and only a few pennies from each dollar will end up in the band’s pockets anyway.

    I love the fact that people say things like “just because YOU don’t have a life” when they won’t spend the time to read the source material to discover whether that statement is valid. In order to have any opinion one should do some research and research is what the blog is all about. Ooo! Ironic!

    The point of the matter is that statements like Elizabeth’s have no credence since it is purely emotion-based and has no thought put into it other than playground touts — 3-grade level debate, one might say.

    Eh, at least she gave a name, I’ll give her props for that.

  5. I kinda like the way it sounds, I hear simiarities but there are also a lot of differences. If it wasn’t for people showing how they sound the same, I wouldn’t have gotten to hear it. I love Nickelback and think that this remix of the two songs sounds awesome.

    Now as for fans not caring, why should we? I for one buy cds because of the lyrics and music so if I like the music in one song, why wouldn’t I like it in another? The words are different so who cares?

  6. yeahh ahha they do sound the same meaning the nickelback thing. i hate them soooo much but the linkin park one isnt true with those songs sorry man. i can hear it just listening. someone messed with the pitch of numb compared to the other song idk what it is. but the pitch was messed with to match the other song. its sounds way to low to be the singer of linkin park. and plus the harmonics of the guitar in the song to the right speaker just happened to almost sound like numb but in a diffrent key. it sounds as if its a half to a whole step down to the REAL song.

    but yeah nickleback sucks period ahahha

    they arent even a band i can list the bands that suck haha


  7. Americas_dumbest_fan_base

    Great post. The only reason that Nickelback is famous is because they’re effective spokesmodels for what corporate America considers the “rock and roll lifestyle.” They’re a pre-packaged consumer product, just like Velveeta cheese. This isn’t music, it’s an ad campaign for cheap beer. Rock on, idiots. And don’t forget to borrow lots of money and eat all the fast food you can.

  8. Victorian Boneta

    WOW! I had to look this stuff upp for a school report, i love this band an so what if there sonngs aree alike, its there “style” of music, an if you were a true fan, you wouldnt mind it, cause in my personal opinion, there great songss, an this is one hell of a bannd!!(:

  9. Worst band ever. Nauseatingly repetitive and if you listen to them when you could listen to so many different bands in so many different genre’s you are musically retarded. Also rock and roll is just drivel these days compared to someone like Chuck Berry.

  10. Coming from a musician’s point of view, it’s hard as hell to make completely new music. There’s only so many notes on an instument. And there’s an almost uncomprehendable amount of songs. Of coarse some are going to sound the same. Get over it. AC/DC has quite a few songs that sound the same. And you don’t see anyone writing unnessasary articles complaining about music they couldn’t create themselves is just.. Stupid. I don’t love Nickelback, but I still respect them as musicians. Musicians need to make a living too .. Ungreatful fuck. Appreciate that we have music and try writing articles that are actually productive..

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