RGB Colorspace Atlas

RGB Colorspace Atlas - Green

This beautiful picture book by american artist Tauba Auerbach is titled RGB Colorspace Atlas. And rightfully so, for it is a complete, encyclopedic, display of the RGB gradient in a page-by-page index. The 3,632 page hardback measures 8”x8”x8″. It is gigantic and must have been a serious achievement for independent book binder Daniel E. Kelm at Wide Awake Garage.

RGB Colorspace Atlases

RGB Colorspace Atlas - RedAll images via Kleven Vegard

In order to generate the color shift through the pages, an animation for each book was created with the same number of frames as book pages. The animation, created by, director Jonathan Turner, was essentially a fade between the first page and the last page, broken into 3632 incremental steps. The files were then output and the pages printed digitally.

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