Rotten Cheese

Considered by many to be the mother of all Ween bootlegs, Rotten Cheese is a six disc compilation showcasing the finest and brownest moments of Ween’s 1994-1995 Chocolate & Cheese tour. The comp was put together by Kirk Miller, Ween’s sound mixer during the tour so all the songs are straight off he board. There are plenty of highlights here including the 26 minute long “Poopship Destroyer” recorded in Hamburg, Germany, to obscurities like “I Get A Little Taste Of You” and “Dirty Money”. But as you can see from the track lists below this only scratches the surface.

I’ll be seeding the entire set on the brown tracker for next couple of weeks if you want to download the torrent. Otherwise you can download the first five albums from the links in the set list below.


1.Dr.Rock-(Melbourne 4/19/95)
2.I Can’t Put My Finger On It (New York City-1/24/95)
3.Flies On My Dick-(Tempe AZ 11/16/94)
4.Take Me Away-(Glascow 3/24/95)
5.Springtheme-(Cleveland OH 10/27/95)
6.If You Love Me-(Seattle 11/8/94)
7.Common Bitch/Devil’s Dick-(Columbus OH 1/28/95)
8.Freedom Of 76′-(Zurich 3/17/95)
9.Flutes Of The Chi-(Santa Monica 10/94)
10.Right To The Ways-(New York City 1/24/95)
11.Weed Whore-(Philly-6/16/95)
12.Ole Queen Cole-(Houston TX-11/20/94)
13.Purple Rain-(San Fran-11/12/94)
14.Piss Up A Rope-(Sydney-4/22/95)
15.Up On The Hill-(Groningen-3/23/95)
16.Shrimp On The Barbie-(Melbourne-4/18/95)
17.Ode To Rene-(Eidhoven-2/24/95)
18.The Blarney Stone-(Minneapolis-10/31/95)
19.Puerot Rican Power/Buenas Tardes Amigo-(Koln-3/22/95)

1.Drifter In The Dark-(Hamburg-3/20/95)
2.Spinal Menengitis-(Morrison CO-Red Rocks-5/18/95)
3.Don’t Get 2 Close-(Denver CO-11/2/94)
4.Tear For Eddie-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
5.Tick-(Jackson MS-11/23/94)
7.Strap On That Jammy Pac-(Salt Lake City-11/4/94)
8.I Get A Little Taste Of You-(Denver CO-11/2/94)
9.The Stallion Pt.3-(Columbus MO-1/31/95)
10.Sorry Charlie-(Philly-6/16/95)
11.Big Jilm-(Athens-2/10/95)
12.Voodoo Lady-(Lawrence KS-5/17/95)
13.Birthday Boy-(Columbus OH-1/28/95)
14.Reggaejunkiejew-(Cleveland OH-10/27/94)
15.Squelch The Little Weasel-(Buffalo-1/22/95)
16.Nan-(Las Vegas-11/14/95)
17.What Deaner Was Talking About-(Milan-2/16/95)

1.I Saw Gener Cryin’ In His Sleep-(Philly-6/16/95)
3.Don’t Sweat It-(Hamburg-3/21/95)
4.El Camino-(Memphis 2/2/95)
5.Little BIrdy-(Carrboro NC-11/26/94)
6.You Fucked Up-(Athens-2/10/95)
7.Baby Bitch-(Boulder-5/20/95)
8.Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?-(Houston-11/20/94)
9.Papa Zit-(New Orleans-11/22/94)
10.Tender Situation-(Santa Monica-McCabes-10/94)
11.Poopship Destroyer-(Hamburg-3/21/95)
12.Marble Tulip Juicy Tree-(Columbus OH-1/28/95)
13.When The Goin’ Gets Tough From The Getgo-(Toronto-10/26/94)
14.The Concert’s Over-(Orlando-2/8/95)

1.Buckingham Green-(Berlin-3/20/95)
2.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese-(St.Louis-2/1/95)
3.Demon Sweat-(Minneapolis-10/31/94)
4.Fat Lenny-(Adelaide 4/17/95)
5.I’m Holding You-(Hollywood-11/20/94)
6.She Fucks Me-(New York City-1/29/95)
7.Captain Fantasy-(Houston-11/20/94)
8.There’s A Pig-(Carrboro-11/26/94)
10.Vallejo-(Las Vegas-11/14/94)
11.Mononucleosis-(New York City-1/24/95)
12.Puffy Cloud-(Santa Monica-10/94)

1.Shalom Absolom-(Virginia Beach 11/27/94)
2.Albino Sunburned Girl-(??)
3.Now I’m Freaking Out-(Philly-6/16/95)
4.Awesome Sound-(Groningen-3/23/95)
5.Wayne’s Pet Youngin’-(Carrboro-11/26/94)
6.Berlin Jam-(Berlin-3/29/95)
7.Drifter In The Dark-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
8.Taste The Waste-(Melbourne-4/20/95)
9.Baby Bitch-(Santa Monica-10/94)
10.Tear For Eddie-(Groningen-3/23/95)
11.Poopship Destroyer-(Columbia MO-1/31/95)

1.Dirty Money-(Asbury Park NJ-3/4/94)
2.Never Squeal On The Pusher-(Houston-11/20/94)
3.The Enabler-(Munich Soundcheck-3/18/95)

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  1. The Honorable Reverend

    Okay, so for everyone confused, OP hid the last two tracks for Disc 6 in the zip file for disk 1, and the first track in disc 2.

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