Seasons In The Abyss

  • I’ve been having serious computer problems at work for the last six months or so. This has seriously hampered my work efficiency. The main computer dudes are coming in to wipe out my entire hard drive. Tonight, after accidentally erasing an entire folder of personal crap, I’m trying to burn seven years worth non-work related junk off my hard drive so I don’t lose it all. Even more purging than before.
  • Ray wants me to go to Bali with her and her massage therapist friends for a weeklong surfing lesson. Am I crazy for not really wanting to go?
  • From my free table the other night I got a kickass Peavey amplifier with a 12 inch speaker and enough bells and whistles to make my acoustic sound like Slayer (too bad I can’t play like Jeff Hanneman). Well, close anyway. The neighbors are gonna be pissed.

8 thoughts on “Seasons In The Abyss”

  1. megan – ding ding ding

    satan – the slaytanic warmacht says floating on a board in the ocean is good for the soul.

    slp – you’re still there. your not gettin’ all insecure on me are you?

    jocelyn – no, ray is a great friend, but bali is hella huge dollars.

  2. where do you work? or what do you do?

    start a band–go on tour–see ya in NY

    Bali? yeah you’re crazy–unless Ray is annoying, then I totally understand.

  3. who, me, insecure?

    no, actually, i clicked on your links and there were only like four listed. i thought the world had like, ended, or something.

    i’ve been a total blogslacker lately, too, so i was wondering if i was ousted for non-participation. but i’m here! i’m participating.

    and apparently i’m mentally insane. waaaaah!

  4. Look – I don’t know who Ray is (I’ve just started reading your blog), but….

    Bali? Massage therapist friends? Surfing? Why wouldn’t you want to go?

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