Inclined To, Characterized By, Or Inciting To Lust Or Lechery; Lascivious.

City Lights

I can’t quite place my finger on it. It might be the slightly sticky sort of dirtiness. Or maybe it’s the wonderful food constantly titillating the taste buds. It may be the tall buildings that give a dizzy vertigo when I crook my head skyward. Or it could be the throngs of incredibly good looking people smartly dressed and not afraid to flaunt it. Possibly it’s the slight whiff of danger or excitement that builds as the night sets in. But there is no doubt that there is something inherently sexy, almost lewd, and downright erotic about New York City.

My short vacation there didn’t last nearly long enough. The last time I was there I checked a whole bunch of things off my tourist list. This time is was much more relaxed and real, yet much shorter. Despite it’s quickness this trip taught me a few things about Manhattan that I didn’t learn before.

  • NY pizza isn’t always NY style pizza and not always what you would expect out of it.
  • You really don’t want to see it all.
  • New Yorks finest don’t look kindly on turnstyle hoppers. AT ALL. But that can’t catch you if they can’t see you.
  • Three hot dogs from three different places in three days is not considered a challenge in NYC.
  • I can drink more in the city.
  • Scalping tickets, under a subway track, from a sketchy dude in the Bronx, is not the same as doing it anywhere else.
  • The girls can shop forever in SoHo. For real.
  • Manhattan is one giant street fair on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Skirts are shorter here. I need to spend more time in the (dirty) south.
  • Areo beds aren’t so bad. In fact they’re good.
  • Not much beats properly prepared Eggs Benedict for brunch. Except a plate of bacon of course.
  • You can seriously get run over by a car, bus, train if you aren’t paying attention.
  • There are more different types of bars and clubs here than I’ll ever really comprehend.
  • Damn, I got it shooting out of both pant legs just thinking about it!

    3 thoughts on “Inclined To, Characterized By, Or Inciting To Lust Or Lechery; Lascivious.”

    1. well, if you run out of options up there, take the train down to philadelphia and i’ll show you more.

      p.s. my neighborhood is full of hippies. how ironic is that?

    2. Man-o-man, you are so right on the money with the sexy/lewd observation of NYC. I feel like there are giant rivers of pheromones in Manhattan and I just keep wading in to them.

      If I lived there, I’m afraid I would simply ovulate myself to death. Not pretty but it would make for a fascinating obituary.

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