Sick Systems – How To Keep Somebody With You Forever

This is a magnificent (yet disturbing) piece on creating a “sick system” – a psychologically manipulative set of behaviors used to keep people dependent on you. There are four main rules:
1. Keep them too busy to think.
2. Keep them tired.
3. Keep them emotionally involved.
4. Reward intermittently.

I have seen this set of rules used in a large number of dominant or authoritative relationships – including governments, dictators, religions, cults, lovers, kidnappers, families and employers. The author outlines a bunch of techniques you can use to achieve your goals using the “sick system” rules.

Make sure there’s never quite enough money, or time, or goods, or status, or anything else people might want. Insufficiency makes sick systems self-perpetuating, because if there’s never enough ______ to fix the system, and never enough time to think of a better solution, everyone has to work on all six cylinders just to keep the system from collapsing.

2 thoughts on “Sick Systems – How To Keep Somebody With You Forever”

  1. Can you imagine if you ised this system with mental telepathy! That would create a person who is never left alone and always busy with this system. Eventually you create a mental break down, this is where people will shoot a federal judge in Arizona, or kidnap thier child in Patterson CA.

    The system is created with Satanic rituals. That is how mental telepathy works.

    To get out of a sick system is an exorcisim, bannishing, or casting out, its demon possesion, the only way to communicate with other people with out voice, sight, feelings, only thoughts.

  2. One more thing, about the exit plan:

    You cant exit the sick system. Churches do not do exorcisims.
    Catholics do not do exorcisims
    wiccans do not perform bannishings
    Satanists do not give license to depart a person

    So your screwd if your involved in a sick system! You could go to mental health where your drivers license will be revoked, forget about your dreams and aspirations, your life is over. Just give up and wait.

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