Spelunking Fulford Cave


A bunch of friends and I went up to do some exploring in Fulford Cave this weekend. We didn’t arrive till late on Friday night and ended up setting up our tents in the dark at the Yeoman Park Campground. We still had enough time in the evening for some s’mores and a few beers though.

We woke up relatively early in the morning. I had my traditional camp breakfast of eggs-in-a-corned-beef-hash-nest. Then we headed up to the cave. The cave entrance is about a mile climb up the side of the hill just outside of Fulford Campground.


Once you reach the top of the trail there is a culvert that is about two feet in diameter and 75 feet long, with a broken, metal ladder that drops you into the cave.


The cave has two separate levels. We only explored the lower level this time around but we still spent about three hours underground, in the complete darkness, exploring and climbing around. Getting around is slow while trying to take note on directions to get out. Multiple tight squeezes, rope climbs, slick surfaces, and a bunch of scrambles through mud, water made the cave physically challenging. Fortunately we came prepared for the consistent for 40 degree temperatures inside.


Thoughts of the recent mining accident, knowing the fact that you are several hundred feet underground, memorizing your way around, and a several minor claustrophobic episodes made the experience mentally challenging as well.



There were all kinds of cool features inside. The large cathedral-like rooms the Lower Room and the Breakdown Room were probably my favorite areas. But many enjoyed climbing the underground waterfall the most.

There were also plenty of strange geological features.




After the cave we headed back down to camp for some relaxation under the wide open sky’s of the Holy Cross Wilderness. The caves are a lot of fun for you adventurous types. If your interested in visiting, Margaret Harrison, over at Colorado Caving as a great write-up about the cave. Here is fairly detail Map of Fulford Cave. Also, if you’re not into the cave thing, both the Yeoman Park and Fulford Cave campgrounds are beautifully located in large aspen groves with surrounding beaver ponds and fishable Brush Creek running through it all. It is all located on the edge of the holy cross wilderness and has some great hiking trails to boot.

8 thoughts on “Spelunking Fulford Cave”

  1. Oh god, that gives me the heebee-jeebees just looking at it. I don’t think I could handle that culvert.

    The cave looks really cool though!

  2. i intended to come over here and offer a smart-assed comment, but i had to rethink that.

    that post is really cool. i am going to take the first chance i get to check out those caves. how far is holy cross wilderness from denver?

    thanks for the idea.

  3. Great pics – reminds me of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I had no idea those caves were that close. Definetely have to visit soon.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog too – feel free to add my to your blogroll – I’ll do the same..

    Take care! james…

  4. Hey! Thanks for the great post – I am sure to be back in the future. This weekend Im going on a big trip and I was looking for some solid info when I ran into your site on google…thanks! I appreciate it!

  5. First went to Fulford Cave in 1978 with Joel and Scott, back when the MoonMilk was still white and the bacon still hung near Sacrafice Slab. Rappelling down into the Cathrderal Room, those were the days!

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