Spilt Milk

Did you know that Frank Black broke up the Pixies via a fax? That’s fucking brilliant. I wish I broke up with my exes via a fax. Why didn’t I think of that. Oh yeah, cause I always the one getting dumped.

The Pixies show last night pretty much kicked ass. Watching a show at Magnus Arena is pretty much like watching a show in a large tin box, thus, it’s like listening to a show in a large tin box. Sound quality left something to be desired. I saw Jane’s Addiction there before and didn’t notice the sound, but it was Jane’s addiction, and it was Halloween, and it was my birthday – I probably didn’t notice much of anything. Despite being inside a giant Altoids container the sound was decent. It was loud. Just like it should be. And they Pixies put on one hell of a rocking show (or rawking is how I think the kids are spelling it these days).

They must have played for about an hour and a half and played 20+ songs. I don’t have a set list but I knew most of the songs they played. Apparently they played everything everybody wanted to hear. But Tony’s Theme. Honestly I wasn’t that familiar with the Pixies before this summer so I feel like I’ve really been invited to sit at the same table as the cool kids now. God I hope I don’t spill my milk.

6 thoughts on “Spilt Milk”

  1. i love love love the Pixies! i am so jealous! But Victoria & I are going to the Ramones Cancer Benefit Concert next Friday in NYC. Performing are Sonic Youth, Blondie and our fav. darlings The Strokes. How much do you want to bet we get at Least One Stroke to come to my rooftop party next Saturday?? Mmmmmm

  2. Pixies in a tin box? I think I had one of those as a kid. Did you at least leave with minty fresh breath? Or if not, some damage to your ear drum?

  3. Yep. It was a fantastic show. My ears hurt the next morning. I’d never actually been to Magness until then. Parking is a rip-off but it’ll be better when we can just catch the Light Rail in a few years.

  4. I’m dying to see the Pixies, just waiting for them to come to town. If you haven’t already, you should pick up their new DVD (videos and classic concert footage), it’s great.

    M.’s birthday is 10/29 by the way. Huh.

  5. my velouria. even i’ll adore ya.

    and if you’re planning on taking the light rail to magnus in a few years please be sure to VOTE YES ON 4A.

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