Spring Has Sprung

Coming home from NYC last week I was greeted by a bloomin’ bonanza in my front yard. It was a great greeting. I’m not sure what kind of shrub it is but when the season is right it explodes. Unfortunatly it only lasts a couple of weeks and the petals soon dry up and fall to the ground below. As of right now, the the blooms are looking pretty pathetic. The heat expected over the next couple of days should do a good job of finishing them off mortal combat style. Enjoy the pics. Speaking of yard stuff, the lawn mower was stolen last weekend – how the fuck did that happen?

This is the flowering shrub in my front yard

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. i’m sorry your lawnmower got stolen but i’m totally laughing at the thought of someone walking down the street pushing a stolen lawnmower.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. As Tony would say, “They’re Grreat!” I’m a dork. I know. Cool mailbox too!

    Do you have any NYC pics?

  3. erin, the I thought of some homeless dude pushing an old lawnmower down my street was hilarious too, but the laughter was quckly squelched with anger. Do you think somebody brought a trailer over to steal it? It wasn’t a riding lawnmower, that would have doubled both the hilarity and anger.

    shmeder, yeah I love my mailbox, lamp and gargoyle, all in that picture. NYC pics are forth coming.

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