Suckerbowl Weekend

A leisurely trip up to Vail with my brother, sister-in-law, and G, made for a real wind-down type of weekend. Of course, a happy hour on Friday with a handful of friends started things out just right. We were able fit in some shopping at the outlet stores in Silverthorn on the way in addition to a lunch at the Dam Brewery. A lot of the time was spent making fun of terrible movies and figuring out how to perfect a panini (I think were getting close).

The highlight was the skiing of course. The runs were wide open because everyone was at home getting ready to watch the suckerbowl and drink ranch dressing. When we arrived back at the condo there was a keg party in the lobby, so, double bonus for us. Below is a video of skiing last weekend at Keystone. We slide down snowy mountains as much as we can during these winter months.

4 thoughts on “Suckerbowl Weekend”

  1. rg – i suppose you are fully recovered from your foot injury if your out skiing these days.

    shmeder – yes, you do! i used windows movie maker. the music is a band called #poundsign#

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