Lowest Discrete Auction

Lowest Discrete Auction

After months of playing, I’m finally winning at Lowest Discrete Auction. The game works sort of like a reverse auction where you attempt guess what you think is the lowest distinct number out of all the players (currently there are 232 players). Creator Nick Berry describes describes the rules like this:

At the end of every day Multiple times a day (currently four scheduled, and some ad-hoc), out of all entries, the lowest distinct number is selected as the winner. When a new competition starts, all previous entries are automatically re-entered. If you win auction, others might guess the same number as you on later auctions, duplicating you and invalidating your low distinct status. Similarly, players who guess lower than you and have been blocked out, might move into the winning position by another player changing their guesses!

Madonna And Ozzie Osbourne Together At Last

Did you know that Ozzy Osborne and Madonna shared vocals on a Was (Not Was) track called “Shake Your Head (Dub Remix)”? From the Was Not Was website:

In 1983 Madonna’s recorded vocals for Shake Your Head (Lets Go To Bed) a track on Born To Laugh At Tornadoes. When the album was released Madonna’s vocal had been replaced by Ozzy Osbourne’s, a completely different style. Don Was later explained: “She sang really well but l’ve always imagined the vocalist as extensions of ourselves and l couldn’t relate to female vocals being our voice” In 1992 the track was re-released in a different mix on Hello Dad I’m In Jail with Kim Basinger supplying the vocal.

For the alternative remix release In America, producer Steve “Silk” Hurley was given the wrong basic vocal/acapella tracks for the remix. Indeed, he was given Madonna’s vocals. This 12-inch remix was pressed before the error was realized and the release was then subsequently withdrawn. The 12-inch with the Madonna vocal has the catalogue number WASX12, compared to WAS12, the standard release which did not contain the Madonna vocals. The Ebay auction and back story can all be found here.

Listen to (download) the track right here on Artifacting. Was Not Was featuring Madonna – Shake Your Head (Steve Hurley Dub Remix)

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