I like words with complex or interesting meanings that have no counterparts in English. A few years ago I stumbled across the word Nervio and loved the definition so much that I try to use it whenever I can. Roberto Greco describes it this way:

Shortly after meeting my wife, she introduced me to the nuanced meaning that the Spanish word nervio had acquired in the lexicon of her family. As used in their Chilean home, the word could be defined as a feeling of such intense affection that one trembles or grits his teeth with restraint so as not to harm the object of his affection. I have heard others allude to the sensation in seemingly bizarre phrases such as, “It’s so cute [that] I want to squeeze it to death.”

Nervio was a sensation I have felt so many times in my life I was shocked that I had not, up until that point, seen a word that describes it. Nervio brings to mind phrases like, “I’m gonna squeeze you right in two” and, “Oh, I could just eat you with a spoon.” Nervio is why I am constantly threatening to nibble on my children’s toes. It’s a physical and emotional sensation that sits in the gut and wells up through you. The Robert Capa portrait, below, of Pablo Picasso with his son Claude does a good job of depicting the sensation with an image.


There has been some psychological research experiments to determine where nervio comes from but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

The Most Popular Baby Names For 2011

2011 is well over halfway behind us and Nameberry has decided to come out with their list of the most popular/fastest growing baby names of 2011 (so far). Here they are:

Girls names:

Ada, Adele, Adeline, Adelaide – Pretty vintage girls’ names that start with ‘Ad’ are all the rage this year (much like Addison was last year), and rightfully so if you ask me.
Elula – An ugly name, drawn from the Hebrew calendar, is gaining attention because the Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen gave to their second daughter.
Hadley – The name of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife – Hadley Richardson. I knew a Hadley in College and will probably always think of this as a boys names.
Luna – This is a beautiful name. However, my affinity for the moon might make me a little biased. Supposedly this name was made popular by the Beckhams who ultimately chose Harper for their daughter.
Mila – We have Mila Kunis to thank for this one. It’s also a variation of the overused Mia, Maya and Lila.
Pippa – Pippa Middleton’s has attracted a lot of worldwide attention in 2011, and so has her name. Pippa is really just a nickname for the full version of her name Philippa. Taking the number one spot for baby names this year, Philippa is the new Isabella. Kate has bubbled up this year too, but isn’t nearly as hot.

Boys names:

Archer – Semi-literary names a supposedly hot right now (i.e. Atticus, Holden, Harper).
Arlo – Another great boys name with a vintage feel. It’s trending along with Nico, Hugo, and Otto, all three great names in themselves. It must have something to do with ending in the ‘O’ sound.
Asher – I love this name. While I’m usually don’t get too excited about biblical names, Asher has a softness I like while still retaining its masculinity. It’s unfortunate that it’s trending. This year it overtook Henry as the #1 name for boys.
Everett – This name is a little too feminine for me. It’s no surprise since it’s popularity is riding on the coattails of fashionable female choices like Eva and Evelyn. I think Everest would be an improvement here.
Flynn – Hmmmmm. This one wouldn’t be my choice.

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