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Love, The Game (And The Player)

You’re a square. But you’re not the only square. There are others. Get close to others to get their attention. But if you get too close you’ll get hurt. You draw happiness from connections. See how that happiness makes you spin. If you approach several others each will do anything to try to be your personal favorite. When close to two others each of them gives you twice as much happiness. When close to three others each of them gives you three times as much happiness. It’s no wonder you spin so fast when you are close to five or six others Collect as much happiness as you can. If you are spinning too slow, look around you, maybe you would be happier someplace else.

In love, the best way to score is to take risks. Don’t mistake lack of sadness for happiness. Avoiding others by fear of getting hurt isn’t a good strategy.

If you don’t play, you won’t achieve.

Jeu Chiant (Irritating Game)

Jeu Chiant contains no story, no baddies, no levels, no bosses, just frantic mouse-work and multitasking. None of the 2 balls must fall, and the small one needs to be kept above the level of the top paddle. Keep both balls up for as long as you can!

The despair of seeing one of your balls fly into oblivion is compounded by the snarky assessments of your efforts, which are on the one hand entirely uncalled for, and on the other hand basically true (press the little British flag in the lower left if you wish to be insulted in English).


Since we are about midway through the ski season here in Colorado, I couldn’t think of a more fun game for this Friday. Slopiskier was created by Greg Wohlwend and design partner Mike Boxleiter. It is deceptively simple yet can easily suck up all your waking hours, especially when you start learning to do tricks.


Something like dominoes but with nuclear explosions, gravitational pull, colorful shrapnel and blackholes. Also lots of fun. Tip: you do not have to click on a ball; your click pushes the balls away from the area, and the haze shows where they will go. I also recommend turning OFF the music, it’s rather bothersome.

Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby is a great game with some serious addiction potential. A review describes it this way:

There is a certain paradigm shift that must occur when playing this game for the first time before the light goes on and the player ‘gets it’. I believe this is due to a sort of cognitive bias we have as gamers: when firing a turret we expect things to explode… and to go fast.

Simplicity and complexity. This game finds it’s fun in being the opposite of what you’d expect from a traditional turret game. There is a version made for the iphone and a spinning version called Gimme Rotation if you’re looking for something with a little more challenge and a little faster paced.

My high score after about 20 minutes: 12.

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