Highest Highs And Lowest Lows

The DAX (Deutscher Aktien IndeX - German Stock Index) 1980-2009

In his collection titled “High Altitude”, artist Michael Najjar has created beautiful semi-realistic images of mountain ranges out of photographs he took while in the Argentinean Mountains. Interestingly, the re-worked mountain ranges actually visualize the ups and downs of leading global stock indices over the past twenty to thirty years. Pictured above is a representation of

“The virtual data mountains of the stock market charts are sublimated in the materiality of the Argentinean mountainscape. The jagged rock formations act as a symbol of the thin edge between reality and simulation.”

More of Michael’s photos are below the fold.

Some may argue that the art of “open outcry” – the yelling and hand signaling done on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange – is dying with the proliferation of electronic systems. A trader would argue he could signal a trade the can signal a trade much faster than you could ever type it, and with a lot fewer errors. Here a trader demonstrates the hand signals used on the trading floor.

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