Built To Spill doing an acoustic sidewalk set in Boulder

Purchase Built To Spill Tickets.
Drive up to Boulder for the show.
Go to will call to get tickets.
Have will call reject you by being told they don’t have your name on file.
Go back to the car to get the receipt.
Look at receipt.
Have it dawn on you that said purchased tickets are for tomorrow night.
Go back to will call to see if the will exchange the tickets.
Get rejected again because the show was sold out.
Feel humiliated.
Have Doug Martsch see that your having trouble.
Have Doug ask what the problem is.
Have Doug give door passes to everyone in your group.
Have tons of margaritas.
Watch Douge and Brett do a sidewalk set for those who couldn’t get tickets.
See a kickass show.

Thanks Boo Radley

This Is A Good Thing

San Francisco is a wonderful city. The weather was perfect. There was nearly no fog. Unfortunately, I only got to spend about 28 hours there. It was definitely a whirlwind. I did however get to spend a little time in China Town, go to the ferry building, and walk around Knob Hill and Downtown. I stayed at the Omni which was a beautiful hotel with all the luxuries. I’ll be back, there is so much more to see.

My presentation went great. I spent most of the day in meetings, groups, and discussions. It all went well. But it was still work.

I got back home last night around 1:00 am. There was a giant hole in my shower wall. This is a good thing. The leak in the bathtub faucets is finally being fixed after getting progressively worse for the last year and a half. A new showerhead has been put on so now I don’t have to squat my knees or bend over to rinse the shampoo off my head (which as small as it may sound, is actually quite a luxury).

Thanks for all your luck, I know it helped.

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