Doo Ba Dih Bee Dwee Doo Daah

The Lick

Referred to simply as The Lick this melodic element can be found in nearly all genres of music and played by all kinds of instruments. It has somehow managed to seed itself everywhere. It can be found as early as Stravinsky’s “Firebird” (1910). Player’s “Baby Come Back” and Santana’s “Oye Como Va” are based on variations of The Lick. Although the origins of The Lick are unknown, it has propagated throughout the entire musical kingdom as you can see from the two videos below.

I have come down hard on artists who use clichés too much. But I think The Lick proves itself as something greater than a musical cliché, something more like a musical meme. The best art copies, reconstructs, personalizes, mutates and owns up to other great artworks that came before it. Viva La Lick!

Film Addict

Film Addict is a website that makes it easy to show how you are The Best at watching movies. You check off all the movies you have seen from the IMDB top 250 films and can then compare it to your friends. How many of the top 250 movies have you watched? There are a fair amount of both foreign and older films on the list that I haven’t seen. I’m only 31.2% film addict.

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