Life-Preserving Fictions

Life-Preserving Fiction is a term that describes what most of us must believe to face each day. Each person has his or her own private life-preserving fictions. Friedrich Nietzsche claimed that we recognize these untruths as a condition of life; that the falsest beliefs are often the most indispensable to us.

How To Be Good

Last night I just finished up reading Nick Horby’s most recent novel “How To Be Good”. Nick Hornby, author of both “About A Boy” and “High Fidelity” (which is one of my favorite movies) has taken a different approach on his most recent novel. I can’t see this book being made into a movie, the book deals with issues and ideas that wouldn’t be easily transferred into the film media. Generally the novel concerns itself with what it means to lead a good life, how can we go about doing it, and how good does a person have to be in order to be happy?

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