Uncommon Skateboard Tricks In Super Slow Motion

Watching these uncommon flat ground (street) skateboard tricks slowed down to 1,000 frames per second really highlights how difficult they are to execute. Watch through to the end to see all the tricks shown again at actual speed. Flabbergasting. The tricks performed in the order of appearance are:

  • Nollie Dolphin Flip (AKA Nollie Forward Flip)
  • Backside 180 Casper Flip (or BS 180 Hospital Flip)
  • Nollie Heelflip BS Body Varial
  • Nollie 360 Shuv Underflip (AKA Nerd flip)
  • Frontside Shuv Underflip (AKA Kiwi flip)
  • Hardflip Pretzel
  • Merlin Twist (Switch front foot impossible fs 180)
  • Nollie Heelflip Indy Grab
  • Early Grab Frontside 180 Fingerflip
  • Pressure Hardflip
  • Jovan flip
  • Backside Pop Shuv Underflip
  • Nollie Pressure Hardflip
  • It should be noted that since skateboarding trick names are defined by a common usage naming convention and these tricks are not very common, some of them don’t have well-established names so the creator of the video took some artistic license.