The 57 Varieties Of Heinz

The “57 Varieties” slogan was not developed because their product line included exactly 57 varieties. In fact, there were over 60 products when the slogan was proposed. The number 57 was picked by H.J. Heinz by combining his and his wife’s luck numbers. However, to print his “57 varieties” in his cookbooks (The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery, 1934, H.J. Heinz Company) he needed to combine a few products. The list, as it was printed in their cookbooks, can be found below. Today, the H.J. Heinz company has over 5,700 products.

apple butter
apple jelly
baked beans in tomato sauce without meat
baked beans with pork and tomato sauce
baked beans without tomato sauce with Boston-style pork
baked red kidney beans
beefsteak sauce
black raspberry preserves
blackberry preserves
cherry preserves
chili sauce
chow chow pickles
cooked macaroni
cooked spaghetti
crab-apple jelly
cream of celery soup
cream of pea soup
cream of tomato soup
currant jelly
damson plum preserves
dill pickles
distilled white vinegar
evaporated horseradish
fig pudding
grape jelly
green pepper sauce
homestyle gravy
India relish
manzanilla olives
mince meat
peach preserves
peanut butter
plum pudding
prepared mustard
preserved sweet gherkins
preserved sweet mixed pickles
pure cider vinegar
pure malt vinegar
pure olive oil
queen olives
quince jelly
red pepper sauce
red raspberry preserves
ripe olives
salad dressing
sour midget gherkins
sour mixed pickles
sour pickled onions
sour spiced gherkins
strawberry preserves
stuffed olives
sweet midget gherkins
sweet mustard pickles
tarragon vinegar
tomato ketchup
worcestershire sauce

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