KHUBS Radio And Twink

I can’t remember when or how I stumbled upon Twink. It was through the internet a couple of years ago, but I have no idea who to give credit to so I’m just going to go ahead and give all the credit to the one who most deserves it: Mike Langley. He wasn’t the first. He is definitely not the last. But from what I’ve heard, he is definitely the best: A musician specializing in using children’s toy instruments.

Mike and his friends create a weird, whimsical, dreamlike, fantasy-land inhabited by teddy bears, play-dough snakes, laughing clowns, decapitated Barbies, GI Joes with lit cherry bombs taped to their backs, and the Easter bunny handing out nitrous balloons. Twink’s music jumps from carnival music to new age penny-whistle to plushy rave party to a dark terrifying cartoon theme. Twink’s music spans inconceivable distances in genre which makes for an incredibly interesting listen. Aiding in the incredible diversity in style is the huge variety in children’s instruments used to create Twink’s two albums Supercute! and Twink. Instruments/toys such as the hurdy gurdy, jaymar brownie, the pling plong, giggle sticks and the see-n-say all get used. And they all get used to great benefit through the imagination, skill, and musical sophistication of Mike Langley. KHUBS Radio is providing you with a stream of the majority of Twinks self-titled début album and, per usual, a hard to find track by Anaphylaxis that features Twink.

And I know that you’re expecting Kitsch, but trust me, it’s not. Enjoy.

Wonder Twin Powers: Activate!

I watched both part one and part two of the X-men movies over the past week. I don’t know. I was never really into comic books and superheroes and crap. These kinds of things never really held my interest too much. I had a couple of friends in elementary school that would collect and trade comic books. They would keep hundreds of them wrapped in plastic; stored in a cardboard box on the top shelf of their closet. Occasionally we would finger through them if we were bored with ping-pong, or catching crawdads out in the ditch, but I never read them. My brother had a handful of 3D ones that were pretty fun mostly for their novelty value. But also because all the women drawn in them were exceedingly busty and curvy, and were wearing skin-tight, metallic, underwear that would supposedly protect them from attack tigers and wizard spells. For some reason I never really bought into the whole “Hall Of Justice” thing. But give me a pillowcase full of Legos and I’ll waste five straight hours building a space base. Anyway, the movies were a pretty entertaining way to waste five hours too(no space base included).

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